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Yep... I'll pretty much watch anything John Green puts on YouTube lol. 

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Nice. Thanks 
Just released Falcon Pro v2.0.5, get it from

Changelog # v2.0.5

- NEW : Offline access for Favorites
- NEW : When you fav a tweet, the link gets automatically preloaded for offline reading
- NEW : You can now choose between ViewText or Instapaper for the mobilizer service (under User Experience settings)
- Fixed : scollablle custom login for small devices
- Removed : Google Play previews (new play store design broke it)
- Removed : Lucky patcher check (no point anymore)
+ other fixes

Enjoy and spread the word !

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I'm always in the mood for some Foreign Exchange action!

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Yeah I wouldn't mind having this. 

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Makes two of us!

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This retro-future tech makes my inner child smile.

I'm so mad... I purchased Plex but can't get it to work. And Google limits me to 20k songs... Sorry but even half of my music. And my preferences change so often that I need more than 20k. Also, even if I could choose the songs to upload... Not happening. Ain't nobody got time for that!

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Especially@3:20 lol... 

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I fell in love with swift key again lol 
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