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During the same period, in the mid-eighties, that you were inspiring Holodecks to appear on Star Trek TNG, I was roommate with the founder of the Museum of Holography, living with her sharing a space in Tribeca. Small world, I'd say!

I look forward to reading the book, for sure - just bought it! :-)

We certainly share many interests still, Jason! (I still love Mini-Golf, of course.)

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How To Give Remote Piano Lessons via Skype or Hangouts-On-Air Tutorial

Here is a tutorial on how to give remote piano lessons (or any instrument, really) using a virtual instrument (VSTi) host.

I use Cantabile in this video as the host, and Voicemeeter Pro "Banana" as a virtual mixing board, and I show setting up the piano lesson using both Skype and Hangouts-On-Air.

Hangouts-On-Air have a far better option for the audio for music. Its "Studio" mode is far, far superior to either an HOA's "Voice" mode or Skype's compressor for audio, so though it takes up the last half of the video, I felt it was important to show how to set that up also.

Here are useful links:
Voicemeeter setup file:

Voicemeeter Pro "Banana"

Cantabile 3 (Demo download includes free "Lite" version)

For Hangouts-On-Air - CHECKLIST

1) Set up a YouTube channel if you haven't already

2) Click your user icon at the top right and select "Creator Studio"

3) Click at the left into "Live Streaming" and click on Events

4) Click on the far-right on "Create new event"

5) Select "Quick (Using Google Hangouts On air)" from the radio buttons toward the right near the bottom - that sets up a Hangout-On-Air as the format

6) Set it from "Public" to "Private" or "Unpublished".

7) Start the hangout by clicking "Go Live Now" -- that does not mean you need to start calling now, it just lets you get the viewing links and set up the audio and video in advance. (You can also schedule events to happen in the future in advance... even after this step!)

8) At the lower right, click the "Links" button to get the link to the YouTube video to share, and also an embed code for putting it on your blog page (which can be a private page, of course, only visible to your student), and then DEFINITELY copy the link from the top address bar that leads back to this HOA, which you can email to yourself and to the other person(s) so they can join it. When you return to it, just hit the "Join" button and you are in. Up to 10 people can participate in a normal hangout. (Up to 25 if you have a "G-Suite Basic or Business" account.)

9) Click the gear at the top and set your microphone to Voicemeeter Output and your speaker to Voicemeeter Input. I advise changing the audio from "Voice" to "Studio" and keeping your levels at or below -12dB. Click "Save".

10) This HOA is now set up - clicking the "Start Broadcast" button will begin the recording. You can continue without recording by just leaving this open and not hitting the "Start Broadcast" button. When finished Recording (that is, "Broadcasting"), hit "Stop Broadcast" FIRST and then hit the red-phone button at the top to hang up. If you do not hit "Stop Broadcast" before hanging up, it will continue recording for four hours then disconnect itself.

11) Once all this is set up, hit the Red Phone to hang up and shut the hangout window if you are not making the call right away. This all stays available as long as you don't use it (so retain that link from the address bar you got - makes it a pseudo "Skype" for you and your student to use, with better audio!). This now also appears in the list of your scheduled events at at the bottom, where you can change the time so it is scheduled for a specific date by editing the "Basic Info" page, or you can alternatively start the hangout from there on your end, and get the address bar link and other links to share if you had forgotten to earlier. It will stay there until you use it, so if you don't ever broadcast and stop-broadcast, it stays around to use again and again. You can get rid of unused ones by checking the box to its left and going to the top under "Actions" and selecting "Delete".

12) Extra: You actually can view the live stream from the tab to the right of the "Basic" one which now shows a "Live Control Room" link. View the stream from the "Preview" section by hitting the play button in the middle of the video there. The "Public" view will not be active until you show up to start the broadcast.

That's it! Seems like a lot the first time, but it is really quite simple. This checklist will always be handy, though!

When ready, click the link you saved to enter the hangout, hit "Join" and optionally start the broadcast (begin recording) when you are ready. Or just re-use this as a hi-fidelity version of Skype by having students join at the proper time with their link.

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Cambridge Riverfest Performance - 1978

This is a case where it was not as important what was being played as was the setting and purpose of its being played.

This was the first Cambridge Riverfest (1978, I believe). I had proposed a conceptual art project that was approved, and this was the only record of its realization. First, some background:

If you have multiple speakers producing loud sound, by only a short distance away, the sounds from them will have merged as air pressures, and the peaks and valleys will begin cancelling each other out, so the sound will not carry very far. But, if you use a single speaker, it will pump an acoustic "vortex" of sound waves into the air mass before it, and it will not cancel itself out.

I used a single speaker with audio from a Farfisa Mini Compact organ, directed AWAY from the audience pointing upstream into the downstream winds traveling down the Charles River, where I was positioned on the Boston side of that river, with the audience on the other side, several hundreds of feet away and along the river's shore for over a mile downstream from where I was.

The sound waves from my single speaker hit the air pressures from the downstream winds, and as those winds broke up into zephyr wind currents and eddies, my audio vortex was broken into several "tubes" of sound-containing air columns, which were swept along the opposite shoreline like a fire-hose of sound, so people would hear the music clear as could be - as if right next to them - for a few moments, upon which the "sound tubes" would move from their location and the music would disappear!

This caused an audience of about 300 to seek my position out on the opposite side of the river, just across the John W. Weeks Footbridge
(, where about 100 at a time sat to listen to portions of the five-hour performance.

This was the final half hour of that performance as evening set in, recorded on a mono cassette recorder, with the single speaker beginning to shred quite badly by this time!

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Live Synthesizer Concert Highlights - One-Hour Video!

+Craig Long suggests I need more views for this! (He likes it!) I am inclined to agree - it has only enjoyed 27 views in one year so far!

This is a compilation of highlights from three live concerts presented in 1997 by myself and Laura Rohde each performing on several synthesizers. Each of the three concerts were about an hour long, but I've condensed it down to this hour-long video.

It is pretty spacey! Enjoy! Best watched/listened to in 720p minimum.

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I just noticed today that I surpassed 1 million views on my CamStudio video!
Wow - that is so awesome! It apparently gets a thousand views a week or more!!!

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Sneak Peek at new Music Show Deluxe series being planned!
Anyone who wants a sneak peek at the conceptual framework of the next series can take a look here: (Live mind-map)

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I Believe Rhonda and I will Win!
Of course, all my beliefs usually turn out to be the right ones, but tune in to see what happens!
...and to play along yourselves, naturally.
Friday night ........
Plusword .........
Three teams .........
A different time 10:30pm Eastern and 7:30pm Pacific and a whole bunch of other time zones.

Join as +Debi Davis and +Andrew Hatchett
take on
+Rhonda Wall and +Terry Leigh Britton
who will in turn take on
+Kate Bowyer and +Phil Bowyer

Come join the fun in the audience


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New Stuff at my SoundCloud Page!

Just added several of my more "way out" pieces to a new playlist, "Favorite Experimental Explorations" at my SoundCloud page. I hope some folks like this sort of thing! (I love it!)

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I could SOOO relate with this! (It is in German, but believe me, it is self explanatory!)
That is my rig during the keyboard sound check. :-)
(In my dreams!)

BTW: sound guy's comment after background singer's performance is actually, "can we have the same again, please?"
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