Here is the first Photoshop Tricks Show - focusing on Luminosity Masks (which are uber-cool and very easy to use for tons of things). I also dabble briefly in the
L-A-B mode to show you a couple tricks there.
Masks 1 - Using the Photo Channels

This is the first of a weekly series of Photoshop tutorials that will each focus upon a specific technique. Upcoming shows will cover the following topics:

Photoshop Masks 2 - Selecting Hair
Photoshop LAB Channel Tricks - Color Contrast vs Luminence Contrast
Photoshop LAB Channel Tricks - A/B Channel Masks
Non-Destructive Editing Methods
Text on a Path
Fonts Taken Into Imagery - Rasterization
Combining Mutiple Exposures for HDR effects (High Dynamic Range)
Using Camera Raw to create Multiple Exposures for HDR Effects
Using the Pen Tool for Selections
Repairing and Retouching Photos - Overview
Repairing and Retouching Photos - Rebuilding Lost Image Data with What You Have

If you would like to be on the panel and share any related tricks or insights you have, please contact me before each program. I have room for up to 9 guests on each show.

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