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Nihir Morzaria
I love big ideas. I'm working on one right now.
I love big ideas. I'm working on one right now.

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Get 2GB free permanently on your Gmail Account. Just go through the checklist and you'll receive the extra space at the end of the month.

Security Checkup:

(No storage bonus for app accounts ie. non-gmail)

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50 Free Albums from Microsoft

If you have a Windows 8 computer or device, Microsoft has an awesome deal for the holidays.

50 free albums (last week the albums were different, so with luck you may get up to 100 if you keep checking.)

And the albums are all over the place and you get some incredible talent. Tupac, Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, ABBA, MIA, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Kanye West, U2, Mumford & Sons, Norah Jones...the list is crazy good.

I imported them into Google Music, but they are just MP3s, so you can do with them what you wish.

PRO TIP: The process to download the albums is a bit weird. You have to download the Music Deals app from the Windows Store first, then click on each album which puts you into the Xbox Music app where you can "Get It Free".  Turn off your password confirmation in the settings to avoid going crazy.

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I got an invite from a kind Googler yesterday and I've been playing around with Inbox for the past day and it's been a difficult transition.  Partially because I spend a lot of my day online in Gmail.  I have labels for almost everything, I have a method of organizing every email to get a close to inbox zero as possible (more often it's inbox 20-25). 

But, it's beautiful and interesting and I'm wondering how I'll feel about it in a week's time.  Sometimes new workflows aren't intuitive even though they can be better.  The only way to know is to give it a try.

One thing I love is that I can still go back into Gmail if I just want to go back to regular email for a minute.  It makes the transition easier.

If you haven't been lucky enough to get an invite, just email Google

#inbox #googleinbox

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Unlimited Free Cloud Storage

It was bound to happen sometime.   There will be ads and perhaps speed limitations, but otherwise no catch.

Worth trying out at least.

Robin Williams' movies were among the top torrents being downloaded today*. Combine all of them and it would easily top the list. All the most memorable among them:

Dead Poets Society, Good Will Hunting, Patch Adams, Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs Doubtfire, The Birdcage, Jumanji....

I found some small comfort in the generous laughter that will be echoing through millions of homes tonight.

For a guy who spent his whole life working toward that goal, what better way to pay tribute.

#RIPRobinWilliams #howboutthemapples

*unscientific analysis

I'm noticing that tweets with photos have an incorrect character count. On the official twitter client, I have 2 fewer characters remaining once I attach a photo.

This becomes an issue when posting a tweet of 139 or 140 characters as Fenix reports an error posting the tweet without an explanation.

Is there someway I can fix this or are others experiencing the same issue?

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International Kite Festival in Bali

Even before you can feel the literal effects of the windy season, you can see little black specks start to populate the sky. Their numbers grow exponentially as the weeks go on until there seems to be as many kites during the day as stars at night. That's when you know the festival is imminent.

There are no ads, no banners, no indication that anything major is happening, at least for the non-Indonesian crowd. You have to keep your eyes peeled for any hint of info (or have a gf who does that for you.). And one you know it's happening, drop everything to see it live.

There are different competitions going on all day. With my limited Bahasa, I could hear the lady announcing the next teams that should get ready; but even if I could understand more, each village had brought out their own marching band, or the Indonesian equivalent, which drowned out the play-by-play anyway.

From giant kites which has teams of 20 or more housing them up to the smaller 10 person kites, the spectacle was unlike anything I've experienced. The victorious celebrated on their incessantly revving motorcycles, in parade-like fashion, surrounding their truck-mounted kite (they are that big and can't be folded,) treated like rock stars on their way back to their town.

I'll always remember the little boy, joyous with his Styrofoam aeroplane kite and the old man crouching amongst the rocks offering us his stash of peanuts; and us, two foreigners amongst a sea of locals enjoying a wonderful local tradition that brought out the kid in everyone.

#Bali #kitefestival #Sanur

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BitCoin in Bali

Just paid my electricity bill with Bitcoin.

Also, I just bought some Bitcoin to pay my electricity bill.

#truestory   #bali    #listrik  

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Exploring the central market in KL led to the most wondrous find:
Ice Floss

Ice Floss?! Yes. Ice cream magically crafted into a cotton candy texture. The sheer brilliance of it is still blowing my mind.

I will be back.
#icefloss #ineedmore #instantaddiction
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The Soulful Scientists

This year has been a prominent year in being able to see the larger-than-life scientists I grew up admiring.

After seeing Bill Nye at a University lecture, I was lucky enough to get in to see Neil DeGrasse Tyson as he passed through my city on the way to shooting another episode of Cosmos.  And more recently, I got up close with Jane Goodhall at a school event.

Their pursuits in science had led them to uncover an inherent morality that they could not ignore.  They all found comfort in humanity and the future.  They had an abundance of hope and a wonderful humility, recognizing how little we actually know.

But, after having heard all three discuss science, each with their own perspectives, what I was left with was their sense of awe.  They have an almost-spiritual experience with nature and the world we live in.

And it's something I completely relate to feeling.  Wonder at our universe and all that we've come to know about it. And despite my apprehension with the traditional connotation, I know no other way to describe the feelings and these people than souful.

#soulfulscientists   #JaneGoodhall   #BillNye   #NeilDeGrasseTyson   #science  
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