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Brainstorming is one of the best methods to generate ideas on projects.
Involving team members in this process is killing two birds with one stone:
1. Gathering many more ideas than with individual efforts
2. Motivating team members since they believe their ideas and views are being respected.
Here's a great piece on how to #supercharge your #brainstorming sessions
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5 terrible ‪#‎EatingHabits‬ to eliminate

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Dig yourself out of task ‪#‎backlogs‬: 10 tips

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Michael Hyatt on ‪#‎Leadership‬

5 Squat & Lunge variations for backside ‪#‎toning‬
@KittyTulips @Shonda1020 @SMC1712

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All of us want to go beyond "Good" to become "Great" at what we do, right?
Here's a great article on key qualities of a great ‪#‎ProjectManager‬
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‪#‎pmot‬ #pmi

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The 10 ‪#‎principles‬ of the ‪#‎FutureManager‬

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You can make a great ‪#‎Presentation‬

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Sometime back, we shared some important tips for meeting success.
Many a time, team members attend a meeting and go back without uttering a single word.
This may be due to various reasons, but we as PMs lose their valuable perspectives that could have added true value.
Here is some great content on the technique #Brainwriting, a strategy to ensure all voices are heard in a #Meeting
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Very honoured & thankful to feature in @EvanCarmichael's list of 
Top 100 ‪#‎Leadership‬ ‪#‎Experts‬ to follow on Twitter
This is for the month of Nove,ber 2014.
Yours truly is at #82
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