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Hans Cummings
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and YA Author; Gamer; Foodie; All-Around Geek -- ENnie Award Submissions Coordinator
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and YA Author; Gamer; Foodie; All-Around Geek -- ENnie Award Submissions Coordinator

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Been thinking about gaming adaptations of some of my fiction lately.

With my World of Calliome novels being fantasy, they'd work OK as a D&D setting. The magic system I use in the novels isn't Vancian in nature, but for gameplay purposes, I could write that off as Gameplay and Story Segregation. Obviously, if I was publishing the setting, I would have to do better than that.

The Zack Jackson YA sci-fi novels... I'm not sure I'd want to gameify those. Sure, there's enough setting there for games plots, but I've only published 3 of 6-7 planned novels, so I'm not sure where the setting would end up yet.

My Seven Galaxies short stories, though... space fantasy with a little magic, eldritch horrors, and billions of worlds. Yeah, that's easily gameable. I thought about D&D, but I didn't really want a class-based system for something like that. At least, not one as structured as D&D. Then I found Stars Without Number. The mechanics aren't as tied to the setting as they are in other games, and their familiar enough that I wouldn't have to learn a new game to come up with material while I'm running D&D (I find working in two RPG systems at a time very difficult). Non-human characters can just take a species-specific Foci.

Mostly, I wanted an excuse to use the 0-hr ships I've been accumulating through Kickstarters, but with the background conceit of the setting*, I could see running a lot of games in it.

* Humans are a slave race, chattel bred and exploited by the aelfar. Though it was not always so, there are few free humans who remember the stories of eons past. These humans fight to gain allies to free the rest of their kind and defeat the aelfar. No small task since humans from the breeder colonies have no access to education or technology and are not permitted to progress to a point where their sapience would be recognizable.

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Your Salvation arrives on July 14th. Scars of the Sundering, book 3 available on Kindle.

Life has a way of sweeping you to unexpected destinations, as Pancras discovers as he continues his investigation into the Lich Queen's return. Enlisting the aid of Justicars, the stern knights in the service of the Divine Tribunal, he tracks a growing army to Badon Hill, the site of the Lich Queen's last battle.

Returning to Muncifer and burdened with the truths discovered in the Valley of the Iron Giants, Delilah and Kale must bring the megalomaniacal archmage Vilkan Icebreaker to justice. Delilah takes it upon herself to keep the vast arcane secrets she carries safe from the archmage while Kale struggles to balance his desire for adventure with his responsibilities to his mate.

As their worlds collide and their enemies advance, the twins and Pancras have their mettle and faith tested as the fate of their world hangs in the balance. Salvation is the exciting conclusion to the Scars of the Sundering trilogy by award-winning author Hans Cummings.

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Did you get Malediction last week? This week, you can pick up book 2 in the Scars of the Sundering trilogy, Lament! $0.99 at the Kindle store from now through May 20th.

"The quality of our legacy is measured in the lives we touch."

Pancras and the drak twins reach Muncifer. The judgment of Archmage Vilkan Icebreaker was swift: Pancras is sent to the far side of the continent and Delilah remains the Arcane University. His penance takes him toward the far north, and is made only somewhat better by the companionship of The Golden Slayer and the fiendling Qaliah. Along the way, events drive Pancras to rekindle his faith in Aita.

Bound to the Arcane University, Delilah works to escape, while her brother uncovers an ancient Munciferian secret that will change the very nature of magic as they know it and shake the foundation upon which the Arcane University was built.

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Sean Spicer reminds me of someone...
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Need some escapism? Want to lose yourself in a fantasy world for a bit?
Scars of the Sundering, book 1: Malediction is on sale now through May 13th for $0.99 in the Kindle store!

Pancras thought trouble waited at the end of his journey.

Shadow demons, chaos rifts, and petty archmages all conspire to disrupt his quiet life. Summoned to face a Mage's Guild inquest over minor grievances, the minotaur wizard leaves home and travels south with his companions, the twins Delilah and Kale.

Harsh winter weather traps them in an unfriendly city where a run-in with a drunken bully leaves him dead and the trio in jail. Fortunately, the opportunistic prince of the city needs a wizard to curse his unwanted wife. The only catch is Pancras's sense of honor.

As he stalls for time, the twins involve themselves in an uprising in the city's salt mines. Pancras left necromancy behind him, but it's looking more and more like he'll need to break his moral code--and further anger the Mage's Guild--to get them out of the city in one piece.

Malediction is followed by Lament. The final book in the trilogy, Salvation, will be available later this month.

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Coming soon (with art by +Brian Patterson)...

So, when a Kickstarter ( posts a fraudulent update and the project creator's response is basically a giant shrug, what's the next step?

Attorney. General.

It's a shame, too. Jeremy Soule is a great composer, but the agency he chose to administer this project are a bunch of do-nothing assholes.

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Springtime for Twitler and the U.S.A....

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We are not going away.  We will not be beaten.

If you support transgender rights, share this image.
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