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My table at ConQuesT is all set up!
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I added the address to the main post. Sorry about that. 
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Thanks to +Brian Patterson (design), +Brian Luk (VFF logo), +Gwyneth Ravenscraft (World of Calliome graphic), and Lily Wang (minotaur art), I now have a KICKASS vertical banner proclaming my presence for all conventions at which I will be exhibiting.

Look for me at ConQuesT in Kansas City this Memorial Day and at Gen Con in July.
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Looking forward to meeting you at ConQuesT.
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Hans Cummings

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When you ask someone to complete a task and you give them an example to follow, is it too much to ask that they do the job properly?
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Amusingly, even G+ automatically removed that double space.
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Share with as many as you can, please! Every bit helps!
Need a signal boost! A member of the #dnd community's son has gone missing in Queens/NYC Please spread the word. 
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Ok. To be honest, what  linked to I found on Reddit, which I don't 'assume' is always right. but it seemed to follow.
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Hans Cummings

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You see this bookshelf? The one with four of my titles facing out? That's in the Breadloaf Book Shop in Lake Geneva, WI. They carry my books now!
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The store has a lot of really good finds. He acquired an 1896 edition of The Three Musketeers for us while we were there.
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Hans Cummings

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Reminder: This Sunday, April 19, between 1 PM and 3 PM I will be appearing at Indy Reads Books, 911 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis. I will read a selection from one of my novels and will also have novels available for sale.

I hope to see you all there! Thank you for your support.
Indianapolis. Indy Reads Books. Hans Cummings, Author, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Reading and Book Signing
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I hate when I find out I've not been paying attention! I enjoyed the Zack Jackson stories very much, so I've just purchased the two longer novels for Kindle. Thanks for waking me up, +Hans Cummings !
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Hans Cummings

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With Publisher permission, we do accept fan submissions. They still have to get copies to all of the judges, of course (less of an issue with electronic submissions, but can be pricey for the physical submissions).
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Hans Cummings

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We are the mediocre presidents.
You won't find our faces on dollars or on cents!
There's Taylor, there's Tyler,
There's Fillmore and there's Hayes.
There's William Henry Harrison,
Harrison: I died in thirty days!
All: We... are... the...
Adequate, forgettable,
Occasionally regrettable
Caretaker presidents of the U-S-A!

Happy President's Day!
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I totally stole it from The Simpsons.
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Hans Cummings

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I decided it was time to get a logo professionally designed so I can start using it on marketing materials and on my publications. Thanks to +Brian Luk for his great work!
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Who did it? Oops, perhaps if I read the full post.
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Hans Cummings

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The second volume of Sojourn: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction is now available!

It's even bigger than the first Sojourn, and I have another Seven Galaxies story in it. Since this anthology's theme was "Winter," now is the perfect time to take a sojourn!
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Hans Cummings

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Who has two thumbs and was voted 3rd place for Nuvo's Readers' Choice 2014 Best of Indy Best Local Author?

This guy! There's no shame in losing to John Green. I see this not so much as a victory for me, but as a victory for genre fiction!
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Hans Cummings

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I will have copies of all five of my novels, and possibly a limited number of the Sojourn anthology in which I have a short story.
Hope to see you there!
Book Signing at Breadloaf Bookshop
Sat, August 2, 2014, 1:00 PM
Lake Geneva, WI

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But I will check Amazon for a Kindle version...
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