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Z3F “Z3FC4T” C4T
Fok julle, fok julle, fok julle naaiers!
Fok julle, fok julle, fok julle naaiers!

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Mike Holmes (companion to Ella) is a cartoonist. And every so often, for an hour (that's his house rule; he does each of these in an hour) he will do a portrait of himself and his cat, through the eyes of another cartoonist.
The cartoon artist tries to make lots of drawings of himself and his cat. In the style of other cartoonists

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Wonderful Landscapes
Solo exhibition by Maria Giovanna Speranza

Date(s) - 01/24/2016

Palazzo della Regione Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol di Trento


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The Real Way It Began!

Le ka zama mara never leloke

#Ingress, which was the precursor to #Pokémon Go is about hit its 4 year anniversary. This $h1t doesn't get old!
Augmented Reality will be, not only for gaming, the next big transformative step in technology, I think.
The game's just begun!

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French Comics in New York tonight

Featuring authors Jacques Ferrandez and Clément Oubrerie, and publishers Françoise Mouly and Mark Siegel

#comics #newyorkcity

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G'mornin G+ers ;O This is my mood now! What's yours ...? :)

On fire. Galaxie 500's ethereal melancholy. A Milestone in Slowcore!
Sadness seems to be there, at their core; a melancholy burning with intensity, an emotional focus unwavering

psychedelic rock subtle uplift with blissed-out melancholia, building to an inspiring ending


#shoegaze #slowcore #snowstorm #galaxie500  

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***Breathtaking*** #mirrormonday
Today is   Mirror Monday    
 use the hashtags #MirrorsandReflections  and #MirrorMonday  and nominate the curators  +Elizabeth Edwards  and +Gemma Costa   


a need of bright happiness

#breakfastclub #landscapephotography #10000photographersaroundtheworld   #seascape   #CoastalThursday   #hqsplandscape  +HQSP Landscape   #clouds #sky
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