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Similan Diving Tours
The best choice from Similan dive trips
The best choice from Similan dive trips


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MY Genesis Similan Liveaboard Diving Trips in Thailand
Offers the 💥Special Deal💥for final spaces on Jan 16-18 trip. **Interesting to see Similan Underwater life and go with Genesis please copy the link here 👇** MY Genesis is one of the best-known liveaboard boats out at the Similan Islands & Richelieu Rock is MY Genesis 1. She is a standard-size steel-hull vessel at 25 metres in length. With never more than twelve passengers on board there is plenty of room to relax and move around, and be spoiled by her friendly and professional crew of eight. The boat’s large dive platform is at water level, making entries and exits safe and easy. While safety comes first at all times, fun and enjoyment are extremely important on Genesis liveaboard cruises.
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Available #DivingChartersInthailand and Myanmar

* #LiveaboardCharter Diving Trips in Thailandand and Myanmar*

Sailing on a #charteredyacht in Thailand is usually done by those who want peace and quiet. They want to be away from the crowds of #scubadivingliveaboards and #daytrip #speedboats. This is a very good reason why so many end up at the Surin Islands, and even more are venturing into Burma (Myanmar) With scheduled and chartered #divingboats in the #AndamanSea. The Mergui Archipelago is abundant with healthy #marinelife on #reefs surrounding. One must also remember that south of The #SimlanIslands there are a number of other exciting, relaxing, and wonderful places to sail your #divingcharterinThailand. **please contact us for a professional and competitive quotation. We have access to a vast range of #divingvesselcharter, and plenty of time and enthusiasm to be customers assistant through the whole process from booking to necessary need.
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Longfin Batfish @ Chumphon Pinnacle

These beautiful fish grow up to 50 cm long.

They have an important role to play in their environment as they eat a lot of seaweed, stopping the weeds from taking over the reefs where they live.

They also eat turtle poo and can often be seen following sea turtles, waiting for them to go to the toilet.

Dive Koh Tao
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I suppose you were right, Kevin "Diving with friends it's always fun" But! You know what, It will be more fun if on the liveaboard only have just you and your friends! (Of cause, you still have captain and the crew otherwise it will terrify instead fun😅)

Well, check it out this link 👉Charter Liveaboard Boats 👇

Or contact us for more details. We happy to assist you and Definitely you will have a wonderful #divingtrips all along with your friends 😁

Photograph By

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We have felt gladly and appreciated for booked liveaboard diving trip with us and also your feedback and gorgeous photos. Hopefully to see you again soon x
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If you looking for a decent #liveaboardboat for #scubadiving
apart from takes you to the incredibly amazing dive sites.

MV Similan Quest Liveaboard Diving Boats might be the option for you.

Similan Quest is a #liveaboarddivingboat unlike most others. Instead of having set trips lengths, you can join on any day of the diving season and stay on board as long as you choose. This is because Similan Quest is a #flexibleliveaboardboat that stays at #sea, and guests are transferred by #speedboat at the start & end of their trip. The main boat doesn’t stay in one place, though. Instead it moves around The #SimilanIslands & #KohBon on a weekly schedule. That means that #divers visit different locations for almost every dive. The boat is excellent value, focussing on safe & enjoyable #diving with experienced staff & crew.
There are two cabin types on Similan Quest. These are four double-bed cabins & five twin cabins, and all are air conditioned. The double cabins are on the boat’s upper deck. In addition to sea-view windows, they have doors which open out onto the deck. This gives more privacy and a wonderful welcome every morning to the Similan Islands. Also on the boat’s upper deck is the large dining area. Here, you can enjoy delicious food that is served buffet style. There are plenty of tables and seating for everyone on board, including guests who are just diving for a #daytrip.

You possibly could find more information about Similan Quest. She will be there at the link below;

#similandivingtours #notroublesjustbubbles
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Similan Liveaboard Diving Trips (dive site)
This Koh Tachai dive site is made up of two huge submerged plateaus on the south west corner of the island.
Some divers and the dive centres they work for refer to these plateaus as The Twin Peaks.
There's a small bay on the west side of the island which is where any #nightdiving would take place, but this is not common.
Basically, because it's quite far to travel back from in the dark.
However, some #liveaboardboats will stop off here for the night.
The #seaconditions here at Koh Tachai are what make this #divesite unsuitable for #novicedivers. Its location on the west side of the island make it exposed to the open sea. While this is excellent for the health and abundance of diverse #marinelife, including large filter feeders, it is the cause of medium to strong currents and choppy surface waves at times.
The most famous fabulous seafan in the Similan Island (image)
Photograph By @sota_photo_galleries
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MV Andaman is one of the best-value  #similanliveaboard #divingboats visiting the #SimilanIslands & #RichelieuRock.

*Right now MV Andaman have a beautiful offer 20% off of departures after April 15th 2019*

*Booking or Enquiries about Similan Liveaboard Diving Trips at *

Let's us assist you. We promise to find the best-value of the suitably budgets, diving trips, liveaboard boat and also diving needs.

#notroublesjustbubbles #similandivingtours #scubadivinginsimilan #scubadivinginthailand #similanliveaboardboats #scubadivingtrips
MV Andaman
MV Andaman
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MV Nangnuan, Similan Liveaboard Boats

Nangnuan Liveaboard Departing every Sunday and Wednesday morning and she is a very popular #liveaboarddivingboat. At twenty three years old, but still in fantastic condition, she is one of the very first #Similanliveaboardboats and has continued in her traditional ways ever since. Nowadays, there are lots of larger vessels offering air-conditioned deluxe suites and master cabins, but Nangnuan gives #backpacking and #environmentally-aware #divers the opportunity to enjoy this pristine archipelago without wasting money or fuel. #Diving on this boat is for those who want small groups, fresh air, silent nights, and excellent diving around the #SimilanIslands and #KohBon. Her 3D/2N Similan budget #divingtrips are unbeatable value.

Booking/Enquiries about liveaboard diving trips 👇 click on the link below ;

#notroublesjustbubbles #similandivingtours #amazingliveaboard
#boating #happydiving
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Scuba Diving Trips, Liveaboard Boats in Thailand

Magnificent Blubberlip image
Photograph By @michiel.van.staveren

Thailand’s west coast is where the #scubadiving is best as here you will find some of the best dive sites in the world. This is mainly due to the life and habitats #underwater being better thanks to The #IndianOcean providing a constant supply of food and more.
Unlike in The Gulf of Thailand, where circulating currents keep most of the water & species in the same area, the west coast is fed & cleaned by a vast amount of water. Therefore, not only is the water clearer, it is also common for large pelagic species to visit. #WhaleSharks and 
#MantaRays are the most popular species to hope to see when scuba diving in Thailand, but there are many more exciting fish, reptiles and invertebrates. The west coast of Thailand has several areas to enjoy some fantastic scuba diving, some of which are in tourist hotspots. Visitors need to decide what they want from a scuba diving holiday in Thailand, and there’s always a sacrifice to be made. Choosing the best dive sites may involve having to sleep on a #diving #liveaboardboat or travelling far out to sea. 
Although there are many great #similandivesites near to land which can be visited on day trips, these may be crowded with other divers, or not offer the chances to see something special. Then of course there’s the financial cost to think about. Choosing the right part of Thailand is just the start of planning your #divingholiday.

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