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Holly Eure
Hello, my name is Holly and im NOT perfect!
Hello, my name is Holly and im NOT perfect!

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It is sooooo fucked up that child had to die!  But what is really is the most fucked up thing about it, if NO ONE would have complained in the first place that trigger happy G I Joe wanna be mutha fucka would still be walking the streets feeling like he was barney bad ass!   No one gave a fuck, not the fucking 5.0!  Its a fucking shame the way people are in this country.  People aways gotta hate and then think the Lord is co signing they shit.  I don't give a fuck who you are what you look like or the color of yo skin or where the fuck you came from.  You still a human being and deserve to be treated how you treat others.  If the way I choose to express myself offends you, you can get fucked.  The way you fucking prejudice ass offends me!

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This video I created and dedicate to my family.
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