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Interesting NYT article on innovation in industrial research labs. Makes one wonder whether the new norm in industrial R&D - the "move fast" culture as the article calls it - lead to new industries and new knowledge as Bell Labs did over a few decades, or just cool products and successful companies. While I spent the first few years after Ph.D. in the rapidly collapsing institution that Bell Labs had become by the early 90s, I still cannot forget the awesome display that they had in the lobby at Murray Hill of the accomplishments over the years that helped spawn not one or two but several major industries.

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Faster than light? No! Interesting news story in today's WSJ about how problems with clock oscillator and fiber optic cable may have led to the false claim from CERN some months ago about observing neutrinos traveling faster than light. Good time keeping and time synchronization is just so challenging and fascinating (not withstanding many who have told me that it is a "solved" problem). Irony in this case is that it is the Swiss who got the time keeping wrong!

Why can't Android device makers be innovative in their design? In my perennial quest to have one of every gadget du jour, I received my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet yesterday. Not just the tablet design itself and the dock connector very much like iPad2, but even the packaging is so Apple-sque. So the business model of Android device makers seem to be to combine Apple's designs with Google's OS...

Switched to Lion - many of the new touches are quite nice. Went pretty smoothly except that I didn't realize that the installer gets deleted automatically. So now I need to re-download the 3.7G for my other machines...
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