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Laura Pallatin
Artsy enthusiastic participant in life!
Artsy enthusiastic participant in life!
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Artists Statement
Hey, Art lovers! I am excited to be entering a jurried show and they require an artists statement. Here's my first stab. Constructive comments are welcomed!  I am inspired greatly by the ephemeral. When I see something
that will not last, like a flower that...

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Large, Splashy, Classy Ceramic Flowers
Flowers inspire me. Whether painting on canvas, walls, or my car, I love recreating what nature offers so freely enabling me to enjoy them when they are not in season. My creations don't fade or shatter, either. Therefore, it is natural that I would want to...

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Getting ready for the Holidays on facebook... Artsy style
I've been noodling my holiday promotional images since Spring! Partly because I love styling my art, and partly because I think its important to have the holiday photography ready to go WAY before the holidays hit. I believe that, in this world of internet ...

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What is Reiki?
Chakra or Rainbow Pendant What is Reiki? Simply put, Reiki is a method of transmitting Healing
Energy. Many cultures and religions practice some form of healing with energy.
For instance, Christians practice “laying on of hands.” I believe we all carry
the ...

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Mended Hearts
I've been asked about my creative process more than once. More specifically, how do I get new ideas. I think that a recent series I've been working on is a pretty good example of where my ideas start, how they evolve, and what can come of just one little th...

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Why I chose Etsy
I must confess... I resisted Etsy. I really wanted to do it on my own. I wanted to set up the look, style, feel, and environment in which I sold my art. So, I created my own website, stocked it with art and waited for the curious crowds to come knocking dow...

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Functional Art is fun, too!
Caribbean beach house with a bird on it I've been thinking about how I can translate my decorative ceramic art into functional pieces. While I absolutely enjoy art for art's sake, a friend recently asked me, "What would you use that for?" regarding my ceram...

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Ceramic Mice fresh from the kiln
Yesterday I said that I was excited about turtles coming out of the kiln. Well, they didn't turn out exactly as I'd hoped, so they are back in again today. These little mice, however, I think are adorable. So, ready to overload on cuteness? Here ya go! The ...

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Sharing love and art on Etsy!
A group of ceramic birds right out of the kiln I've tried so many ways to promote and sell my art. I even have had an Etsy account before, but when I started to get serious about sharing my happy art with as many people as I could, Etsy was the main name th...

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Creative exploration
Three ceramic butterfly necklaces by Laura Pallatin  I've been accused of having ART ADD. That is, I don't just pick one art medium and stick with it. I really believe that my various interests inform one another and make me a better artist. I'm sharing thi...
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