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Jonathan Harford

Is there a way to open an image in ArtFlow? I can import it as a layer, but unless the already open image is the same size as the newly opened image, the image gets resized and I have to deal with borders.

Can you recommend an online backup solution? Bonus if it integrates with Flickr. Is that a thing?

I'll snag the baby a Twitter handle today and pass it off to him in 14 years or so. Until then, I'll just use it to log his bowel movements.

I saw a woman read a piece of paper on the train the other night, and just from watching her face change as she read, it was clear how much the letter's contents (for it was surely a personal letter) pleased and moved her. When she reached the end of the page, she folded it back into her pocket, wiped a tear from her eye, and slowly restored her subway face. It was amazing.

One reassuring take-away from The Fall: with proper planning, you can still make time for your hobbies while raising young children.

Woke up shirtless w/ legs fading to a wispy point and an urge to fold my arms. I worry my geniism might be flaring up. (OTOH: wishes!)

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Donate the coats you don't use! People need them!

"OK, you're at, like, a seven right now? And I really need you to be at, like, a three." -Me, talking to toaster settings dial

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Programmers seem to be divided into two groups: those who hate (ancient, powerful, baroque) vim without giving it a chance, and those that love it. If you'd like to be in the second group, this video will be of some use.
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