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Congratulations on 5 months of making the powerful squirm and the people hope. I wish all Occupiers great success: when you rise up, we all rise with you; when you are heard, so are all of us.

From my very first moment at Zuccotti Park, I felt something supremely different was arising among us:
Speaking of tao... I believe the victory will come via the art of not doing? MLK, Ghandi and all the rest who have preached non violence only had half of the solution. Not doing is the whole solution but it is counter intuitive and I'll probably have to teach it to you. I have already suggested that occupiers begin to practice silence and meditation. Not doing is not to be confused with doing nothing yet to the uninitiated it certainly appears to be doing nothing. Eventually they will send in the tanks. You cannot fight fire with fire as the saying goes... you fight fire with water. You fight for your rights with not doing. Take care. 
Wasnt this a originally a comment from Captain America in one of his comics? or is it older then that? Anyone have a clue on its origins?
Found it! Had a copy save on my hd
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