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What a great tutorial! Saved me so much time ;)

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Awesome pictures and a great article! #hongkong #umbrellarevolution  
Dear #hongkong ,

Your #umbrellarevolution  has inconvenienced me during my visit to your city, making it difficult for me to engage in sightseeing, shopping, and other trivial activities. Bravo!

I am humbled and moved by your courage, and I am simply in awe at the peaceful, respectful, and orderly way you go about demonstrating your opinion. I was born to democracy and I've been able to take for granted the freedoms that you're risking your comfort, your jobs, and perhaps even your safety to demand. I have never witnessed an act of #democracy  like this before, and I feel privileged to have been in Hong Kong to see this. I feel as if I'm witnessing what may one day be seen as a profound moment in history.

I met a local today who was approaching foreigners to make sure they understood what was going on. Apparently, some tourists had no idea why so many people were sitting in the streets, disrupting traffic. He asked me to share my photos and to tell everyone what was happening in Hong Kong.

Our hotel is two blocks from the protest center in Mong Kok, which the locals tell me is only a relatively small gathering. There are many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of people gathered here. I must emphasize that I've visited the protest site several times, day and night, and I've never once felt the slightest bit unsafe. (Thank you to all our friends who have reached out to ask if we were safe!) Many shops remain open just steps away from the crowd, with no apparent risk to their business. The jewelry stores and banks all closed up, and the jewelry stores removed all the items from their display windows, but this seems to have been an unnecessary precaution. Some of the banks have since reopened, and so far as I've seen not a single bit of property has been damaged by the enormous mass of people that have taken over the area. If anything, Mong Kok is quieter, calmer, and cleaner than before the protest started. Certainly it's a lot safer to cross the street!

I've noticed a narrative in the media about the protesters "averaging about 21 years old, mostly students." This feels dismissive and misleading to me. In my photos I've tried in particular to document the participation of the older generations. This isn't a just a bunch of liberal youth. 

Be proud of yourself Hong Kong. You are an amazing people, in an amazing city.

Note that I've captioned most of these photos with contextual information.
The Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong
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With the possibility of kids going back to school on time, this handy tips will help you get back into a routine ;)

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Colombia's dream for glory!!!! Pride, love, dance, admiration! #BRA vs #COL #Brazil2014

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Destroying my cousin's creation... (AnaLu in action destroying Matteo's Masterpiece). +Science World at TELUS World of Science 
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Ohhhh, the joy of biking! And what a better place than the North Shore?
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