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SAO’s Legend Assistant is the official bot/macro program developed by Toolwagon (Gamesprite’s official partner).

By using SAO’s Legend Assistant, you can auto complete the Main quest, fairy Quest and guild quest easily, and enjoy auto join all the daily events, such as scheduled Events, treasure instance. Players could upgrade easier and receive much more EXP and Coupons.

Some of the key features:
*Auto Quest- Main quest,Fairy Quest and guild quest
*Auto Daily Event- Auto Join all the Daily events
*Auto B.P Power UP- Help you to upgrade your Gears, Skills, Mounts and Wings.

Download for free:
Sao’s Legend Addon is a official authorization web game helper tool, 100% safe, no ads & easy from ToolWagon. SAO‘s Bot will help you to upgrade your gears.
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Introducing Sparta Bot:

Sparta Bot is an assisting tool developed by Toolwagon for Sparta: War of Empires. It provides various automatic functions to help simplifying player’s gaming experience.

Some of the key features
-Auto Collect Resource
-Auto Quests
-Auto Hide Units
-Auto Update Buildings
-Auto Raid & Besiege

Free Download:
Sparta Game Helper is an assisting tool for Sparta: War of Empires. It provides auto functions to help simplifying game play and enhance your web game.
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Introducing Toolwagon:

Toolwagon is a game helper platform dedicated to provide assisting tools for web game players.
Enjoy easy, secure gaming with over 100 web games.Toolwagon is a small, simple and stable software.
Currently Toolwagon covers a variety of game categories, including role-playing, strategy, casual, simulation, etc.
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League of Angels II Advanced Helper is a small bot tailored for saving your precious time and money. With its professional assistance, you can enjoy an otherworldly easy control of your main AND side quest progressing, as well as single AND multiplayer gaming, with an exploding bonus of silver, EXP and coupons! Download for Free:
League of Angels 2 Helper helps players enjoy efficient and creative LOA game play. Use LOA 2 Bot to enhance your browser game. Easy game,happy life.
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Introducing Ninja Online Bot:

Ninja Online Bot is an official assisting tool for Unlimited Ninja. It helps players simplify the complex gameplay and enhance the game experience.

By using Ninja Online Bot, you can enjoy auto main quests, auto fortify equipment, auto daily quests,auto battle and auto daily activities. Players could upgrade quicker and receive much more sliver, EXP and Coupons.

Download Now:
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