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Various Artists - Vánagandr Label Compilation
Artist: Various Album: Vánagandr Label Compilation Label: Vánagandr (V-06) Limitation: Unknown Country: Iceland Genre: Black Metal Year: 2015 LISTEN BUY

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Fever Nest - Mooneyed And Paralyzed
Artist: Fever Nest Album: Mooneyed And Paralyzed Label: Knife Vision (KV-004) Limitation: 100 Copies Country: US Genre: Black Metal/Punk Year:2013 For fans of the recent Caligari Records signings, Human Bodies and the killer Mahtowa Death March tape, here i...

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Subterranean - Illness Of Revenge
Artist: Subterranean Album: Illness Of Revenge Label: Walpurgisfeuer Productions (VLAD-002) Limitation: 50 Copies Country: US Genre: Death Metal Year: 2015 Incredibly claustrophobic, murky, lo-fi metal of death (cavern-core?) that walks a fine line with pur...

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Sallow - I: The Great Work & II: Corpses & Ruins
Artist: Sallow Album: I: The Great Work & II: Corpses & Ruins Label: Self-released Limitation: 100 Copies Country: US Genre: Black Metal Year: 2015 One listen to ' Ashes Fell To Earth ,' the opening song off of Corpses and Ruins , (the second of two concurr...

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New Logo / Potential Patch
  New logo for the Clothbodies blog by my good buddy Dustin. I'm considering having high-quality, embroidered patches made (probably a black inverse of the above image) but want to get a read on the level of enthusiasm for potential merchandise first. If th...

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Jute Gyte - The Night Door Under Lock And Key / Laocoön
Artist: Jute Gyte Album: The Night Door Under Lock And Key / Laocoön Label: Black Horizons (BH-95) Limitation: 100 Copies Country: US Genre: Experimental Black Metal / Dark Ambient Year: 2015 Adam Kalmbach's second release on the venerable experimental labe...

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Circle Of Salt - Suffer The Cold
Artist: Circle Of Salt Album: Suffer The Cold Label: GreySun Records (GSR-007) Limitation: 100 Copies Country: Canada Genre: Black Metal Year: 2014 Yet another amazing offering from the Pacific Northwest's preeminent up and coming metal/experimental tape la...

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Void Wraith - Ø
Artist: Void Wraith Album: Ø Label: Self-Released Limitation: 200 Copies Country: US Genre: Black Metal Year: 2014 Seattle, Washington isn't exactly known for it's black metal output. Besides respected members of the old-guard, such as Inquisition , Demoncy...

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Gambanteinn - Nieleva Pimeys
Artist: Gambanteinn Album: Nieleva Pimeys Label: Fettered Redwoods (FR-004) Limitation: 200 Copies Country: Finland Genre: Black/Thrash Metal Year: 2014 Fettered Redwoods once again unearths another amazing release with the new EP from upstart Swedish black...

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Yersinia Pestis - Finis Gloriae Mundi
Artist: Yersinia Pestis Album: Finis Gloriae Mundi Label: Vanguard Productions (VP-15) Limitation: Unknown Country: US Genre: Melodic Black Metal Year: 2014 The disease  Yersinia Pestis , (also known as the Black Death ), was responsible for the annihilatio...
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