Looking for a new phone this weekend? Starting Sunday, you can pick up the Galaxy Nexus on +Sprint which, for a limited time, comes with a $50 credit on Google Wallet if you activate your Google Wallet account within a week of purchasing your phone. See below for terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions: Upon successful activation of Google Wallet on your Galaxy Nexus within seven days of purchase during promotional period of 4/22-5/22 (also includes devices pre-ordered before 4/15), there will be:

$10 credit added to your Google Wallet prepaid card immediately
$40 credit added to your Google Wallet prepaid card within three weeks of Google Wallet activation

To see where your Google Wallet prepaid card will work, please go to http://www.google.com/wallet/where-it-works.html. For more questions or inquiries about this offer please call: 855-492-5538.
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