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Damaria Senne
sister, friend, mother, partner, aunt, daughter, an activist, journalist, writer, communications specialist, blogger, publisher, care-giver, homemaker and gardener
sister, friend, mother, partner, aunt, daughter, an activist, journalist, writer, communications specialist, blogger, publisher, care-giver, homemaker and gardener

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Tutoring Is Going Well
My nephew and I have been spending a couple of hours each day doing some school work. It's tough to get him to focus on the exercises, but I downloaded Sebran's ABC software to teach him Afrikaans and for us to increase his vocabulary. The software was new ...

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The A to Z Challenge To Promote A Book - IWSG April Post
I'd forgotten how exhausting taking care of kids all day can be. I took my sister's boys to the park adjacent to our complex and we had  lot of fun racing, though I must admit it felt like I was chasing them. I wanted to wear them out and while I succeeded,...

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Source: Tutorrise A conversation with my sister yesterday gave me a fresh appreciation for mothers who work outside the home. My sister, who has two boys under the age of 10, has a demanding job as a project administrator for an IT company and one of her bo...

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Don’t get mad, get pretty!
Christelle Du Toit, indepedent consultant and former SABC journo When Christelle Du Toit contacted me to tell me about her idea to help empower women who are looking for work, I jumped at the opportunity. I'm always happy to take part in initiatives that em...

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Approaching a Potentially Difficult Project
I spent the morning working on a bid for a government project that sounds interesting and potentially lucrative. The challenge is that my potential partner in the project sometimes flakes when she gets stressed out ( I hesitate to judge her for it because p...

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Please Like Me & My Work - A Post For Insecure Writers Support Group For March 2017
Today I met with a potential client.The project sounded like something I'd love to do do; something that is interesting and has a meaningful impact on society. I liked the people. The interview and writing test went well, I think, and now it's now up to th...

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What Do You Plan To Do This March?
I hadn't realised how much time was flying past until a friend of mine mentioned that my 2017 plans were happening at lightning speed, and I realised I have only been in Johannesburg for a month. So. Tomorrow I'm interviewing with a PR company in Sandton. I...

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Insecure Writer's Group
Today was a slow but productive day. My youngest nephew woke me up early in the morning, asking to let out of his bath, where his dad had left him. I helped the boys get ready for school, tidied the flat and then checked my email. So happy I now have email ...

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Changing Things Up To Live and Grow My Food In The City
My food garden in Johannesburg years ago This year is bringing lots of changes; one of the big ones being my plan to move back to Johannesburg. I didn't see the big move coming, but now that it's here, I'm excited about it. Basically, the move was forced on...

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Why Making Cold -Calls Is An Effective Marketing Tactic For Me, Yet I Hesitate To Use It To
I didn't realise how tired I was last night until I slept through my sister getting ready for work at 4.30am and her boys getting ready for school. Had a good night's rest though, so today things are moving along great. I'm halfway through my reread of Wint...
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