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On October 30th 2010, individuals of the „Citizens
Initiatives Network Berlin“ founded the “Mauerpark
Foundation World-Citizens-Park”. The Mauerpark
Foundation has set itself the task to prevent
construction in and around the Mauerpark in
Berlin, to raise funds for the purchase of the areas
needed for its completion and extension, and to
encourage the public, the public service and all
political parties to work together in order to
achieve these goals.

The foundation represents the views of thousands
of people who, over the past two decades, expressed the wish, in writing or otherwise, for the
completion and extension of the park, rejecting the
local government plan for a "land for construction"-deal.
Since the area north of the Gleimtunnel has been
designated as green area by the state government
for the last 15 years, the Foundation is committed
to holding both local and state governments
accountable and aims to purchase the oncepublic, now privately-owned, properties.

The Foundation Board consists of seven members
and is represented by three Board Speakers. One
of the Board’s tasks is to appoint a Board of
Trustees whose role is to advise the Board in its
duties and represent the Foundation. The Trustees
are representatives from politics, culture and the
general public who consult and supervise the
Foundation. We are pleased to announce Volker
Hassemer (Senator, ret.), Stefan Liebich (Member
of the Bundestag), Volker Ratzmann (Parliamentary Party Speaker), Stefan Richter (managing
director, Grüne Liga) Peter Unfried (journalist) and
Holde-Barbara Ulrich (author) as Board Members.

The Foundation is also tasked with recruiting
members and collecting funds, grants and donations from supporters from around the world. The
collected funds will be used for the Mauerpark as it
exists in its current and future dimensions. The
General Assembly will decide for which purpose
any money will be spent. The historical uniqueness of the Mauerpark will be taken into account in
events and presentations initiated by the Foundation.

The Foundation has been established exclusively
for charitable purposes. The founders, members
and supporters are committed to voluntary and
civic engagement. The Foundation's name “WorldCitizens-Park“ alludes to the historical, political
and current social importance of the park for
people visiting Berlin from all over the world.

"The Mauerpark, with the adjacent park area, is one of the few
rare examples in which historical context, cultural spaces and
urban life are combined in an ensemble worthy of protection.
This globally unique situation is a showcase for Berlin and an
important symbol for Germany as a whole. In particular, the
heritage-protected Gleimtunnel should be preserved in its
context. This place still breathes, in an ideal, noninstitutionalised manner, the historic circumstance of
overcoming the division of Germany because of the peoples’
desire to be free. Due to the free and open space and the
resulting free and open use, this environment needs to be
sensitively protected in its entirety."
Michael S., a visitor to the Mauerpark in September 2010
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+Mauerpark Stiftung Welt-Buerger-Park.de 
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