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A new update has arrived for RC14!

We have fixed the following issues:
- Importing ASC files (there was an import issue with ASC files on the previous update)
- Half of terrain got flat under specific circumstances

We have added a new Filter: Crater Filter

Beside that we cleaned up the entire source code making things more efficient and fixing some more minor issues (nothing critical).

Upcoming features in next update:
- Topographic View of Terrain
- Custom Object Import
- Texture Library Paths
- Incredible new Filter allowing you to use l-trees (thx to our discord users Yanik and 23mrtbone for the idea)
- Duplicate Filter (we will put it back as requested)
- Improved Rendering

Please run the Launcher and SIGN IN to get the latest Update of World Creator. Enjoy the new Crater Filter - looking forward to see some awesome creations!

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The time has come to proudly announce that World Creator RC14 is NOW available for Mac users - FINALLY! Everybody, who purchased the Mac version or the Bundle version, please SIGN IN to our FTP through our WEBSITE (see under DOWNLOAD) and get the Mac BETA.
If you don't have access to it, please contact and send us the email you have used during your purchase.

INSTALLATION: Download and extract the archive at some location on your Mac. Then, just run the World Creator app. It might take a minute or two until you see the initial terrain - please be patient, the Mac version requires specific shader compilation on initial start up. That BETA was tested using an iMac with a 4k Retina display and an Intel Core I7 with 3.6 GHz processor with 16GB RAM and a Radeon Pro 560 with 4GB VRAM, running on macOS High Sierra. We ask all Mac users that purchase the Mac or the Bundle version of World Creator, to test that version and report back to by sending us your full system specs and your personal experience with the BETA (e.g. runtime behavior, performance, issues, ...) - THANK YOU and ENJOY!

We are proud to announce that the Mac version of World Creator will be officially released as BETA on Thursday this week!

With this, World Creator is the FIRST GPU based Terrain and Landscape Generator available for Mac :D

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After getting so much support, ideas and encouragement from our community over the years, we decided to give back. If you ever wanted to show off your World Creator skills and push the boundaries of this tool, now is the time!

We are giving away cash and software prizes with a total value of over 1000€ to whoever creates the most creative and beautiful landscape with World Creator!

Find the Rules, Dates, Prizes and Terms and Conditions of the contest here:

Good luck to all of you :)
Getting Started with World Creator:
FB Group:

We are currently upgrading the server to improve performance and your overall experience - this means the server will not be reachable for the next 5 hours or so, but it will save you time in the future ;)
Please excuse the inconvenience!

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Featuring the Dune Filter inside World Creator.

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Featuring the Magnify Filter inside World Creator.

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Featuring the Noise Filter inside World Creator.

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Featuring the Swirl Filter inside World Creator.
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