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How can I actively teach Google+ about stuff I am NOT interested in?

Background: Recently, my newsfeed shows more and more posts from topics I am not at all interested in. These posts have no connection to people in my circles, my communities or collections. I use G+ for news and socialising on topics like Android, Google, technology in general, photography, stuff like that.
Increasingly, my feed is filled with memes and teenager posts and music stuff, marked as "Hot on Google+" or "Based on your interests".

I already checked my circles and my communities.
I never interact with these posts, I don't reshare them, +1 them or comment.
I even checked my ad profile to see what Google thinks I'm interested in and what age group I'm in.

My only options for those posts are "Mute" and "Report Abuse". Since disinterest is no reason to report posts, what does "Mute" do for a post I haven't interacted with?
How do I get rid of all those weird posts, so that my feed revolves around my interests again?

I am running Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS on my home server and I'm currently looking for a good way to virtualize that server. I want the advantages of having a web interface to manage the server, easily take snapshots of the OS state and be able to mess around with other OSs without the hassle of destroying my production OS and mess with bootloaders. Since the server is running headless, I also want to be able to fully control the VMs (including their installation) from a client machine.
Does anybody have a suggestion on what might be a good virtualization base OS? I don't really know the collective noun for this kind of system, so I can't even begin to look for solutions, unfortunately.

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Quick question: When 15.10 came out, a lot of features were missing from Dolphin File explorer, such as "Actions" and Extraction and compression options in the right click menu and the setting for single- or double click to open files and folders. Have they been added back?
Since the missing features broke my workflow, I had to go back to 15.04 and I'd love to upgrade to 15.10 again.

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Ever since I flashed Developer Preview 3 on my Nexus 5, WiFi is at the top of my battery chart every day.
Does anybody know of good WiFi settings to avoid this problem, like a specific band or something? Surely this isn't normal.
My battery life has been better on Preview 2. I used to get 4+ hours of SOT before hitting the 15% warning, now it's 3 hours.
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Is it just me or has Google Keyboard become worse in M Developer Preview 3?
I can't set the Auto-Correction level anymore. I liked "aggressive", now it doesn't really fix all my typos anymore.
Also, the Emoji dictionaries have been removed.

With the latest update, pictures I push from the Internet to my phone no longer auto-download, nor is there a notification that my phone received something. So is the feature that made PushBullet unique now gone?
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