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Highlighting portrait charities and supporting photographers who give their time, talent, and heart.
Highlighting portrait charities and supporting photographers who give their time, talent, and heart.
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"If you are a photographer interested in offering complimentary family sessions for families who have lost their pictures due to the devastation that Hurricane Sandy brought, please please fill out the contact form here. IF YOU YOURSELF HAVE BEEN DEVASTATED BY HURRICANE SANDY, PLEASE EMAIL TO BEGIN REBUILDING YOUR MEMORIES."

Souls.Rebuilt — Photographers rebuilding family memories after Hurricane Sandy.

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Do you know of any photography charities that have sprung up to help the victims of hurricane Sandy? We know of at least one +Help-Portrait happening in Queens to help the affected families in The Rockaways. 

If you know of any other events, please share with us. We've had several photographers reach out to us this week asking how they can help Sandy victims! Thanks!

PS. Here is more information about the Help-Portrait event in Queens, organized by Will Salomon Orellana.

cc: +Kyle Chowning +Jeremy Cowart 

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New photography magazine by the Google+ photography community. All proceeds go to benefit Kilgoris Project and children of Kenya.

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Plus One Magazine and Ezine and Standard Edition is now on sale  - HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!

Great news - if you haven't yet ordered your copy of Plus One Magazine, it's now available in PDF form and as a standard paper copy. Here's the link ->

We've raised over $2,000 so far for Kilgoris Project. Let's do more! Please help us by spreading the word about the issue now on sale and by tagging it #PlusOneMagazine . Let's do one more push today and tell others about this community project. Re-share, and post if you can.  

Also, as you get your copies, please send us your feedback here in the comments or via email in my profile. We'd love to hear from you as we try to evaluate the future of this project. 

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The current issue of of Photo Technique magazine has a "Giving Back" section that highlights Rehabilitation Through Photography, Operation Love ReUnited (OpLove), +Help-Portrait, and +Shutter Mission.

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This is so awesome. Over 500 photographers from around the world connected on Google+ recently to collaborate on a photography book to benefit charity. The result is the +Plus One Collection. Read on to learn more...

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Check out our latest Featured Charity — The Maple Leaf Mission. #photography #volunteer #togs #givingback

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We recently revamped the directory & added some new charities too! The F.I.L.M. Project, Flashes of Hope, Helping Hearts, The Maple Leaf Mission, and Hearts Apart. Check them out and spread the word about these great organizations!

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Volunteer photographers are needed across the US to help with The All Family Project. #photography #LGBT #family

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A few photos from one of five +Help-Portrait events that were held in the Bay Area on Dec. 10, 2011. These images are from the event at the St. Vincent de Paul Society — the largest homeless shelter in Northern California.

Because some of the participants were from the Riley Center (a center for battered women and children), we were asked (understandably) not to publish any of the client's portraits. Instead, we have posted some 'behind the scenes' photos to give you an idea of what the Help-Portrait volunteers were doing on that day. CC: +Jeremy Cowart

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Photographers, if you've been looking for a adoption-related charity where you can donate your time and talent, this one is for you! Featured Charity | Red Thread Sessions. #photography #givingback
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