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Daria Vinning
I'm just being me "FREE!"
I'm just being me "FREE!"

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Thankful Thursday
There is
always, always, always something to be thankful for… ~ Anonymous Remembering To Be Thankful In Life... In the midst of going through life’s ups and downs we sometimes
forget to be thankful for the things that are right in front of us. We are so bog...

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Avon's NEW "Pop of Color" Dolman-Sleeve Dress
Woman’s Dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without
obstructing the view. ~ Sophia Loren It’s the
Perfect Summer Dress! Avon has done it again! They’ve pulled out all of the stops
with their line of fashion. Today, I have the pri...

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What Lies Ahead?
tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, God is already there! ~ Anonymous When we choose to relinquish our burdens to God, we may wonder,
what the road ahead will look like. Have you had these thoughts before? In my last post, “Surrendering You...

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Surrendering Your Burdens to God
I hope you are encouraged to
surrender everything to God, even what you never thought you could give up. ~
Jeremy Camp Throughout life we will be hit with trials and tribulations.
Through these difficult moments we may experience many feelings. Feelings of

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3 Reasons It's Good to Join Social Media Groups
Strangers can be best friends, just as easy as best friends and family can become strangers. ~
Anonymous We all would love supportive family and friends. But, let’s
face it, we all are not privileged to have them. (The Hate is Real!) For a
long time I could...

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Test and Tried in My Faith
That Is Not Tried is Really Not Faith at All ~ Anonymous Have you ever had the feeling you are being tested and tried
in your faith? The feeling of, “if there is not one thing it is another?” Well, I have and it seems the occurrences are happening bac...

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Fun Times with Family
We didn’t
realize we were making MEMORIES we just knew we were having fun. Anonymous It is always good to spend quality time with family.
This past Saturday, I did just that. Spent quality time with family and friends.
And, boy did I enjoy myself. My family...

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My Migraine Blues
If one
more person tells me stress is causing my migraines I will scream… Anonymous Since, last Tuesday, I’ve been dealing with excruciating
migraines. When the pain first hit, I thought it was just my basic headache,
something that a Stanback, or BC powder...

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Perfect for Valentine's Day "Avon's Little Red Dress"
Over the years I have learned
that what is IMPORTANT in the dress is the WOMAN who is wearing it!” Yves Saint
Laurent Again, I must say Avon continues to impress me with their
Women’s Fashion Apparel. Each piece is unique in it’s own. From casual to dressy

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Let's Talk All Things Avon-It's A Wrap
Is Art and You Are The Canvas ~ Anonymous Avon  continues to amaze me with their Women’s Fashion Apparel. This week I’m
crushing on the Pretty Floral Wrap Dress . I always have trouble finding dresses
that, for one I like and secondly, fits me just ...
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