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So the ennies voting is live.
I dont know any of the judges in the running except for Brain Nowak, he was good people and deserves to get in again.
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Does anyone have a good character sheet that has a spot to draw a picture of your character on it for normal leveled characters? I had a quick look and couldn't find anything?

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Wating to watch Raymond E Fiest talk
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My game got canceled a couple of days ago and I attempted to find somewhere to peddle my dcc wares, I ended up playing in the call of cthulhu scenario and there was some down time so I ran an extreamly cut down jewler who delt in stardust in about an hour and a half.

But I have free rpg day part 2 next week and I'm running masks of Lankhmar at next level games in dandynong starting at 1100

What the fuck fucking timeline does Han fit into, or did the people who write star wars not remember how time works?

Otherwise I really enjoyed the flick, I give it 8 out of 10 gravity wells
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Lest we forget
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I'll be running the jewler who delt in stardust at gatekeeper games in Fitzroy Victoria Australia, details tba

i ran some fever swamp, here is what happend in bullet points (sort of) and not really edited

also im terrible and forgot to write down the character names (yeah im a bad gm)

The group arrive in the village of Clink on a multi-denominational spiritual retreat, turns out the wizard travel company sent them to a terrible place for a holiday, so the decide to adventure instead of relax
Drunk at the pub and got some rumors
Hermen got white girl wasted
Richie mixed some swamp water in with one of his drinks and got diarrhea
Brought a bunch of stuff
Hired some people (link boy, 3 guards, tour guide)
Left on the boat to head towards a crashed airship
Saw a bunch of swamp skeletons and decided that they didn't want anything to do with them and changed direction, got caught up in some wait-a-while
The tour guard found some hard packed ground and dead falls for the nights rest
Made their way to the river for some faster travel and found a ruined settlement
There was a large monolith in the centre of town on a hard packed area of ground
Some stilt walkers try to warn them off from going near the monolith
Chris and Herman go and loot some of the houses
Richie ignores them and gets mutated into having snake hair
The stilt walkers attacked Richie after he mutated
Two of the four stilt walkers run away in fear at the shit coming out of ritchies snake mouths and the loud report of the gun shot from Chris
Richie kills the remaining two with the help of the others and his snake hair crits on his first attack with them
They searched the body's of the two stilt walkers and found a pink and yellow spotted egg (jabberwocky) and recover the stilts
They loot the rest of the houses and Richie and Herman have a discussion upon if Richie should go and play with the monolith again
They find a skull candle, a hooded lantern with 3 days of fuel, a weeks rations, and a shamans knife
Go into a spider trap area and release a trapped bird, Richie gains a hawk friend
They rest without incident
They see a soggy wooden chest sitting on the roots of a tree just above the water line
Herman sees a nearly invisible spiderweb and points it out, he is mocked by a voice in the canopy
One of the guards fires a shot and severs the nearly invisible spiders web
He is taken by the nearly invisible spiders web and not much is really done about it
The link boy runs over to the chest and is hit by a poison dart and falls to his death face down in the swamp
Richie goes to grab the chest but is too weak to lift it
Herman goes and helps him bring the chest back
Just before they get to the boat Richie is hit by the spiders web and is lifted up, he holds onto the treasure chest in an attempt to save his life
Chirs severs the spiders web and Richie falls into the water and his new snake hair drinks some of it in the shock of hitting the water and he gets a terrible headache
One of the other guards is taken by the spiders web and they dont manage to cut him free
Decide to go back to town because everything is bad
Sleep in the same place as the first night
Richie gets over his terrible shitty bum
Being chased by crocs and they toss over some rations to distract them
Get back to town and Richie gets on the sauce and gets swamp lung (he passed his carousing roll, but failed his disease roll) so may potentially die in the next few days

+Chris P. +Richie Cyngler +Herman Klang
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anyone want to jump into a game right now? because i am running some stuff
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