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How many level 0's are equal to a level 1?

So I ran some DCC for some people last night who have never played it before, here are some highlights


Jerry - ear fell off, pustules on face, pustules on face, melted wax legs - mutations, was then shot by Bastian as he was coming out of the well of souls.

Constantine - crushed by the portcullis

Herbert - strangled by vine horror

Jinx - crushed by land slide

Jean - absorbed by tar ooze

Jac - disappeared down the well of souls, never to be seen again

Bastian - head caved in by Ulric Shatterhammer after killing a party member and knocking two others out (Ulric is a Elven glassblower)

Inquistitor Smyth - burnanated by tar ooze

Memorable moments:

A goose was thrown at the rotting and decayed planks that was once the draw bridge, it bounced off one and fell through the other, only to break it's neck at the bottom of the moat.

A chicken was also thrown towards the bridge, it also bounced off of it and then like a flightless bird plummeted to its death in the bottom of the empty moat.

Inquistitor Smyth sacrificed a goat to his lord to placate the evil tar ooze, it worked (luck roll of 15 and then burnt 6 luck to make it a 21). He then walked away and had an argument in front of the door where the tar ooze was, he was then lit ablaze by said ooze and embraced the fire and didn't put himself out. He was burnt to death.

"It's coming out of the well" says Graves mere seconds after seeing a fellow mob member fall into it and the have large disgusting pustules form all over his face. Jerry is not the only one to under go changes from the well, as Graves himself has his skin change colour to that of the dark void that he was staring into housed within the well. Bastian not even thinking for more then a second looses an arrow, knocking the horrible abomination that Jerry had become back into the well with a well aimed shot to the throat. Now with more time on his hands Bastian realizes that the person who yelled out was in fact not Graves but some monster who was wearing Graves clothes. He fires a felling arrow to knock the void beast unconscious. Minuets later Jed comes charging out of the only standing room with a gleeful look on his face, unsure of this Bastian knocks another felling arrow and strikes Jed knocking him unconscious. Ulric Shatterhammer sees three of the mob members killed with in a matter of minuets and strikes down the offender without a second thought, caving in Bastians head with his hammer.

Jinx sees Jed get knocked to the ground and decides to check on him, she finds a handful of gems upon his person and having never seen riches like this before decides to take them and leave quickly over the broken wall of the castle. She takes a few quick steps and a large part of the collapsed wall shifts underneath her, deftly stepping over some of the now falling rocks Jinx almost makes it. She slips at the last second and is engulfed by the land slide, the last thing she sees before being crushed to death is the entrance to a hidden burial chamber.

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One of my players has way too many FATE points 

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Super bowl food

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Anniversary out with the Wifey

So I'm starting a new dresden files game next weekend, we have finished character creation and I'm putting the finishing touches on city creation during the week. My group is:
A Nephilim
A Pure Mortal
A "Knight of the Cross" - has a sword "gifted" from Zeus
A Wizard
A "Knight of the Cross" - has the spear of destiny

I look forward to the various shenanigans that they will be getting up to

my hottest 100 votes in no particular order

If I Was A Folkstar - The Avalanches
cant find this on youtube :(

WDUBI - Baro

Don Quixote - Drapht

Chameleon - PNAU

Frankie Sinatra - Drapht (like a version)

Cocoon - Milky Chance

1955 - Hilltop Hoods

Bullshit - Dune Rats

Bulls - The Cat Empire

Horizon - Tycho

So when I wake up in the morning I am going to be canceling my pledge to the current dcc kickstarter. If you are lucky you will see it open up in about 12 hours from them post (I haven't slept for about 36 hours so I'm hoping for a solid 12)

I don't know how I should go about trying to solicit some last minute votes, should I be super aggressive and a massive jerk or should I state the facts and inform you of the time that is left or should I beg and scrape for your love or should I say nothing and just post the link or should I just do nothing and say nothing?

Went and saw Ghostbusters, good flick, I give it 8 out of 10 listening to saxophones
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