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Welcome 2014

Thanks for making Note Monger the Best Productivity App 2013 and for all the feedback. Winning the Best Productivity App award is an honor - but no reason to rest. To start off into 2014 we already added photo handling, gallery export and a few handling nits and grits based on your feedback. 

Stay tuned for more...

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Vote for Note Monger @ Best App Ever Awards!

Note Monger is nominated for Best Productivity App and for Most Useful App:

About the contest:

Tip of the Month: Take notes now, evaluate later 

Dump fresh ideas into a note. That keeps your head clear. Check and discard them later, once you have time and space for it. Take notes now, evaluate later. 

Tip of the Month: Do job related notes at any time of the day.

Dump all work related thoughts into a note tagged 'work' right when they come up. This keeps your head clear in spare time. Jot a note and follow up later so work won't spoil leisure.

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Things we forget ... and how to remember them: use tools and WRITE IT DOWN

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Tip of the Month: Check Note Monger when in line
Waiting in line is a waste of time, so you should use it to do something useful: check your upcoming reminders and revisit your top priority notes. Delete or change as appropriate. Having your top notes up to date will keep you on target and reduce waste time.

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Note Monger can be your task list. Check it out on

Managing your tasks has never been easier!
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