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Matt Dutile
NYC-based lifestyle advertising, editorial and travel photographer. Creator of fun.
NYC-based lifestyle advertising, editorial and travel photographer. Creator of fun.

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At Koh Ker

Do people actually actively use Google+? Who has stats on the traffic it receives. I always forget about it...

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Somehow I have not +1'd by website yet... corrected that now.

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I've joined Production Paradise to market to more Euro-clients. If you could go ahead and give my page a like, that would be awesome!

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There are too many social media outlets to try and manage...

I wish I could pass on the filter through which I see the world - the inspiration and enthusiasm I feel every day pursuing my dream, watching friends succeed and just reveling in the uncompromising awe of this miraculous gift called life. I am, if nothing else, a lover of life. I can only hope that truth is represented in my photography.

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Check out this cool post with me from one of REI's senior art directors. He's offering free portfolio reviews! Huge opportunity here for new and veteran photogs.

Man I just don't have a good handle on this Google+ thing. I keep forgetting it even exists. Anyone know any programs to sync it up w/ FB or Twitter posts so I can reduce the workload?

Looking at the portfolios of some of my favorite lifestyle photographers for inspiration I found one shocking consistency - there were no photos of lesbian or gay couples in ordinary lifestyle scenarios. That seems to be ignoring a huge market. Time to change that and start adding some of those shoots into my book.
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