It's Thursday, December 6, 2018, and here are some of the highlights from the dozen or so posts I published today:

* As Donald Trump praises those who refuse to cooperate with an ongoing federal investigation, his most trusted media ally, Fox News' Sean Hannity, declares, "Don't talk to the FBI" (

* Just last month, Trump said he answered Robert Mueller's written questions "very easily." According to Rudy Giuliani's new comments, the president's boast simply wasn't true (

* "I have nothing to do with Saudi Arabia," Trump recently declared. "I couldn't care less." The money his hotel received from Saudi Arabia suggests his line is very hard to accept at face value (

* Lindsey Graham is underwhelmed by Michael Flynn's felonies because they're "process crimes." Funny, the Republican senator felt differently when he was impeaching Bill Clinton 20 years ago (

* The Republican-majority in North Carolina's General Assembly isn't addressing the election fraud that does exist, but it is addressing the threat of voter fraud that doesn't exist (

* Rudy Giuliani claimed over the summer that he'd release a "counter-report" to discredit Robert Mueller's allegations. Whatever happened to that? (
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