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Dare (The Blades of Acktar Book 1)
 Courage could cost him everything. Third Blade Leith Torren
never questions his orders or his loyalty to King Respen until an arrow
wound and a prairie blizzard drive him to the doorstep of the girls
whose family he once destroyed. Their forbidden faith...

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The Beginner's Guide to Intercessory Prayer
  Learn to Make Prayer Simple and Effective What is
intercessory prayer? How does a person become an intercessor? When you
don't know where to begin, start with the basics! In The Beginner's Guide to Intercessory Prayer ,
you'll learn to find your motiva...

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Swords & Stilettos (Enlighten Series Book 1)
 FUN. ROMANTIC. EPIC!! Zoe Jabril needs to devise a kick-ass plan
to save the world ASAP. Otherwise, Armageddon starts the day she turns
eighteen—and if that happens, everything is going to hell. Literally. She
could be any other 17-year-old attending pa...

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Rush Revere and the Presidency
  Join Rush Revere on another action-packed journey! Rush and his
friends head back in time to the early days of our independent nation to
watch the early American presidents George Washington, John Adams, and
Thomas Jefferson in action! Hey there, young...

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Annabel Lee (Coffey & Hill Book #1)
 Fourteen miles east of Peachtree, Alabama, a secret is hidden. That
secret's name is Annabel Lee Truckson, and even she doesn't know why her
mysterious uncle has stowed her deep underground in a military-style
bunker. He's left her with a few German wor...

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Sea Rose Lane: A Hope Harbor Novel
  Three-Time RITA Winner Invites Readers Back to the Captivating Coastal Town of Hope Harbor After
a devastating layoff, attorney Eric Nash heads back to the town where
he grew up--only to discover that his childhood home is being
transformed into a bed ...

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The Cat That God Sent
 Jake Wilkerson, a disillusioned young pastor who is an expert at hiding
his fears, takes on a new assignment at a small rural church in
Coudersport, Pennsylvania. It's a far piece from anywhere and full of
curiously odd and eccentric people, including E...

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The Irish Cowboy
 A touching, heartfelt tale of lost love, regret, and personal redemption. The government wanted his land. He just wanted to be left alone. Hap
Wilkes is a spiritually fractured Montana rancher facing a painful
past, an increasingly uncertain future, who ...

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Now Live on Amazon~MERLOT IN MAINE - Book # 3 in my Wine and Sweat Pants series~5 stars!~
 Sometimes the only way to truly start over is to move. That’s exactly
what Elaina Samuels and her unruly band of cohorts decided to do.
Elaina, Tawny, Grace, and Steph bought a bed and breakfast in Maine. The
trip from Cherry Ridge, Ohio to Portland is ...

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The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens
 From Sean Covey, the author of the international bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens ,
this bestselling follow-up book builds upon the legacy of the 7 Habits
and shows teens how to make smart choices about the six most crucial
choices they...
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