VHS1 - Okay. Glitch monster and alien impregnation were the best. Nice concept with the VHS tapes and tracking errors. Low point is Ty West's snoozefest. Some decent scares.

VHS2 - Generally much better, even the wrap around story.. high point was the Demon Cult, even the low point (I guess the zombie mountain biker? No, the ghost one. Jump scares abound.) was not too bad. Not everything shot on VHS, but whatever.

VHS Viral - Booooooo. Totally drops the ball. No VHS anywhere, confusing main narrative and generally boring. Okay, Parallel Monsters was awesome, which is why I'm even bothering; that was a total gem. And the mexican skateboarder "ritual" had some nice effects (but no atmosphere to put them in, let alone decent actors). Other than that... what, just the magician thing, barely rating as a violent Outer Limits episode?
There was supposed to be a 4th one called Gorgeous Vortex that was cut for some reason, wonder if that was the good one and they cut it until the DVD so the pirates of the bay (all of us, most likely) would be missing just a little bit. Just a private theory.

Someone on IMDB mentioned that "V/H/S is a critic of snuff voyeurism of people, which has been around since the 80s on tapes and now on the Internet."  However, the message is a bit lost on me if you won't give me decent quality voyeur-snuff.

After thought... add half point for the guy's legs getting dragged behind the icecream truck. Whew!
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