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Ben Cheetham
#localgov #localgovdigital developer also @LGMakers lead + @LocalGovDigital steering group
#localgov #localgovdigital developer also @LGMakers lead + @LocalGovDigital steering group
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Mapping your systems using @kumupowered #localgovdigital

Maps are useful things to see how places or stuff is connected – or not. After a conversation with Paul Mackay of Folk Labs last year he introduced me to a freemium tool called Kumu which allows you to map relationships between things. I decided to create…

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I’ve just finished a run of three days in London. First an open data meeting at the Cabinet Office following by UKGovCamp on Saturday and finishing up with the Local Digital Data-Sharing Discovery Day today. Jason Kitcat started the discovery day talking…

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Introducing Localo - Data standards for local government

We’re all making digital services and aiming to make them so good that people prefer to carry out the transaction online rather than by phone, post or in person. Besides creating a better user experience, digital services can also help to reduce costs and…

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Tools for collaborating. What do you use? #localgovdigital

What online tools do you use to collaborate both within your organisation and with others? Since LocalGovCamp earlier this year I’ve been working with other LocalGov Digital Makers on pilot projects such as Pipeline, Pulse and Localo using tools such as…

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I have no problem with a single local government website or GOV.UK taking on that presentational work. It takes away the onus on the user to know who is providing a particular service - they can just get on a report or "do" what they need to.

That said, I don't expect that means the whole of local government shifts on to a single platform but people could start to share systems where they can if they wish. What is really important (and achievable) is to get systems and councils to start publishing data and content via APIs in a standard way - one of the benefits is that a single or GOV.UK site could then exist with little impact to a council. The APIs abstract the presentation layer (the website, the mobile app, the third-party website) from the council's line of business system - I've blogged about this bit at I do need to follow up with a further post on what I see the other benefits being.

Taking your examples of councils publishing services and content using multiple sites that is generally because of technical limitations. In actual fact GOV.UK uses multiple sites for services e.g. the published address to register to vote is but when you're actually "doing" you end up on a site - the full GOV.UK guidance on domain names is at

At Guildford we proxy a lot of content either via our CMS or via another server so we pretty much publish all our content and services using 2 domains (although as cloud hosting services are introduced that is expanding).

GOV.UK have an aim of a single domain for accessing services and content. Besides all the work they've done with user experience and content, there is some fancy routing work going on to make a single domain work with a bunch of web applications -

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Cha-ching! Google just dropped the Nexus 4 price by $100 to $199.
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