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A las autoridades del aeropuerto de Teherán ha colocado la bandera de Estados Unidos en su puerta para los pasajeros, y sobre ella: "Esto se llama República Islámica de Irán."
At Tehran airport authorities has placed US flag on its gate for the passengers to step on it. This is called Islamic Republic Of Iran

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The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel

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Una parte importante de la exégesis al libro del Éxodo la constituyen aquellos comentarios relativos al templo y a su construcción. Son numerosísimos. Vamos a centrarnos en el pasaje que ha despertado más la curiosidad de aquellos que se han acercado a la…

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Mapeando la ruta de oportunidades industriales. IoT - Internet de las Cosas

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"Unlike most Rabbis and clergy of other faiths, I do not play kum ba ya with the Muslims nor do I keep silent in condemning their actions.

Wake up people. RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG, to the liberal media. I am no Rabbi KAHANE but I have the guts to speak out while others delude themselves in kum ba ya with the Muslims. If the media wishes to publicly attack me, I look forward to it.

Do not call me Hitler for most of my family was murdered by the Nazis. Do not call me bigot. Call me rational."


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The Language of the Zohar and How to Understand It
by Zion Nefesh
The Zohar is written primarily in Aramaic with some Hebrew words. The characters are the Hebrew letters. And, the meaning of the words is almost never literal. Even when translated into other languages, the Zohar is still difficult to understand. So, we must keep certain fundamental principles in mind to make it work for us.

To begin with, usage of the Hebrew alphabet is of great significance. As the Zohar explains, the world was created and is sustained by the power of the Hebrew alphabet; the letters, in fact, are the DNA of the universe. Although this is a hard concept to grasp, it is an important one.

So, before you dismiss the power of the Hebrew alphabet, think about this: Do you believe that your voice can travel to the other side of the world through a little device made out of sea sand, soil, and oil, and which only needs a battery or the rays of the sun to work?

In order to make use of your mobile phone, you don’t need to believe in what it can do because even if you didn’t, the phone would still function for what it was designed. The same goes for the Hebrew letters.

Because the spiritual system can actually “understand” Hebrew, Aramaic–a more divine language that makes use of the Hebrew letters–is intended to bypass the negative elements that can be found in the system.

The “outsiders” residing within the spiritual system seek to capture all the energy they can have access to for their survival. Therefore, Aramaic is used to safeguard spiritual connections to the Upper Worlds.

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The Hebrew Letters -- Reading and writing Hebrew
Quieres aprender la Lengua Hebrea de forma sencilla y paso a paso?

Unity Zohar te presenta su serie de videos The Hebrew Letters -- Reading and writing Hebrew, compuesto de 22 videos con la explicación, escritura y pronunciación con vocales de cada letra del Alefato.

De la mano con Zion Nefesh puedes iniciar tu aprendizaje de Hebreo, con estos cortos y entretenidos videos educativos.

Alef א
Bet ב
Guimel ג
Dalet ד
Heh ה
Vav ו

Zayn ז
Jet ח
Tet ט
Yod י
Kaf כ

Lamed ל
Mem מ
Nun נ
Sámej ס ע
Pei פ

Tzadi צ
Qof ק
Resh ר
Shin ש
Tav ת

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