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I have posted #QuestionBedtime pre-sales at

Please share this with every single g+ user who you imagine to be interested.

My new album is all about Fairy Tales! Or maybe it more accurately just IS them. It is a bunch of fairy tales. They come from Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, pre-colonial North America, all kinds of places. Each is so old that it has no specific author and comes from no very particular place, though many of them have settled into highly-trafficked written versions in the several centuries since literacy got so popular.

Some will be familiar. Others will seem obscure. I hope I did a good job picking them out and then telling them to you as rap songs!

This album is fine for children to listen to. It doesn't have cuss words on it and it is not VERY scary. I don't know anything about children, really, except that I kind of remember being one. This is the album about fairy tales that I would have thought was super cool when I was eleven. Younger kids will have trouble understanding it, but maybe they will enjoy the insurmountably fat beats, unshakeable chorus hooks, and the way that Parry Gripp sings "Booty-Butt" near the end. Older kids and adults will have trouble understanding it too, because it is as puzzling and obtuse as any of my albums! But you (and they) might like hunting through the narrative twists late into the night.

Use this album wisely. Nobody who hears it will let you put them to bed without challenge, ever again.

I was lucky enough to convince many of my favorite rappers and singers and comics to come along with me for this album. They include: 
Jean Grae
Kid Koala
Open Mike Eagle
mc chris
John Roderick
The Gambler and Panther from The Protomen 
Adam WarRock
Marian Call
Gabrielle Sterbenz
Kyle Kinane
P.F. Tompkins
Negin Farsad
Lisa Delarios 
Parry Gripp from Nerf Herder, as the guy who sings "Booty-Butt"

Grab the first free song, Much Chubbier, and little snippets of the rest, at the CD page here: . Buy a copy if you would like to own one! It comes with a swell little 24-page booklet including all the read-along lyrics. It will go in the mail to you on Aug 26th

You can download it as soon as you pre-order. Listen to it today, if you like! I have included a nonsensically hi-resolution version (88.2K/24b) which you probably won't have any use for unless you own professional-grade sound hardware. There's also plenty of normal encodings like MP3 (pbpbthtt!), AAC (pretty okay), and FLAC (very nice indeed).

If you don't need a CD, you can still order the album early: 
on itunes
on bandcamp

Thanks for spreading the word! Your +1 helps me continue to be a rapper. So do one, if you're so inclined.

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Pretty good Foley work. Pretty Great video.
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When you are in Las Vegas and it's raining, there are still plenty of fun things to do other than gamble.
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So, when you're watching Revolution and your laptop dies, can you sue J. J. Abrams?

Not a joke, this actually happened to me...
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I have always held the belief that a single moment in our lives will change the world for all future generations. Now I know what that moment will be.
This is an exceptional video... I've never seen anything like it. This single video is going to shape public policy in the next year.

This is the real life, carefully planned marketing of a supervillain. This will be amazing to watch.

KONY 2012
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The wife and I took a stroll through our new hometown and decided to take a few pictures...
Conshohocken Irene Aftermath (13 photos)
13 Photos - View album
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Attention Fancy Bastards one and All!

This announcement has been made public by popular demand!

If you will be anywhere near the Baltimore Convention Center this Saturday evening it would be who of you to join in all the fun and come to the Hijinks Ensue Reader Meetup. We will be departing the Convention Center shortly after Baltimore Comic Con has closed its doors for the evening for a pool party followed by a hangout which has a high possibility of turning into a shitty movie night.

Here is what is provided:
- Rides from the Convention Center for anyone who needs them
- Pool
- Food
- Soda
- Large Living Room
- Large Television
- Hot Tub
- Free FIOS WiFi
- Rides back to Baltimore for anyone who needs them
- Last, but not least, +Joel Watson

Here is what is not provided:
- Alcohol
- Swim Wear

Sounds Cool? Of course it does! If you plan to attend, or even think you might attend, please reply to this post or send me a message. An accurate headcount assures that there will be enough food for everyone.

If you can't make it to Baltimore around the departure time, but would still like to attend send me a message to receive details about the location and directions.
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