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+miriam dunn I think my +Breton Bonnet Spirit Hoods creation is here - there was a package slip in my PO box yesterday. I have to wait until they are open tomorrow to get it. :) *hopping around in excitement*
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Be sure to take a photo of yourself in it and post it here!
oh YAY so excited!!!1
i hope you LOVE it!!!!
I will be going out to the post office later on, sorry to keep you in suspense, but I'll post when I get back! :)
+Laura Welk it's a faux fur hoodie with animal ears. Kind of like something a kid would wear; it's just for fun. :)
+miriam dunn I'm sorry, busy Monday on the phones, I didn't make it out to run errands and the PO closes in ten minutes, so I'll have to wait until tomorrow. sadness
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