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Internets - how do they work?
Internets - how do they work?
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My 5.02 Update temporarily shut down my Remote
This is for Nvidia Shield Android TV OG

At first the update wouldn't work on the remote. I guessed due to low battery so I charged it and sure enough the update seemed to go smoothly. Well, except that the remote no longer worked at all. Still reported as connected.
Telling it to forget the remote and then repairing it went fine and remote is functional again.
My game-pad is now charging in preparation to be updated.
Just thought I'd mention you might want to do just one control device at a time and make sure the updated one works. If I had just done both and both had been knocked down I would have been in a slight pickle. 

Anyone seeing the Nougat update on their Shield TV yet?
I've been checking for several days but no joy so far. 

Nvidia just dropped a bomb-shell at CES during their live show.
The new Nvidia Shield Android TV will have Google Assistant built in.
This will have a live mic like Google Home - no need to press a button on the remote to activate it.
They will also be coming out with a peripheral mic which plugs in to an outlet and works back with assistant on Shield TV. That 'Nvidia Spot' is coming later in the year but the new Shield TV is coming online now for $200.

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Here is the Google blog post about the new Samsung Chromebooks. I wonder if these will have GPS and gyro sensors, etc... Since they say they are the first Chromebooks built from the ground up to work with Android it would be nice if they had sensors many Android apps expect to find.
I also wonder if the SD card slot can be used for 'internal storage' for the Android system.
From a comment somewhere else it seems these do not have backlit keyboards. That really sucks as I was totally feeling these up until I read that. I'd really like a backlit keyboard on my next device.
Really curious to see reviews and benchmarks of them both. Have been less than impressed with the Chromebit ability to play video. Often drops frames. That will be a deal breaker for me on the ARM model if it can't deliver there. 

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Yet another company launching Google Cast enabled speakers. 

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Yet another company bringing Google Cast capable speakers. 

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Just realized Google Home will work with Google Play Movies - sort of.
Similar to another post I made pointing out that you can start a stream to a Chromecast via the Netflix app on your phone or tablet and then take control of that stream with Google Home, the same works with Google Play Movies. And I suspect because of this that it will probably work with a wide variety of services. I would think Google Home is simply working with the deck controls built into Chromecast and any service which can make use of those can also be controlled by Google Home.

So - for example:
1. I initiated a Chromecast stream - device name 'Screen 1' - via the Google Play Movies app on my Android tablet.
2. Once playing I instructed Google Home to "Pause Screen 1". It will pause the stream. Note that I gave it both the command and the device name there. Home will remember that this is the stream it is currently issuing commands for. So all subsequent deck controls can just be issued without naming the stream device. 'Play', 'Go back 1 hour', 'Fast Forward 10 minutes', 'Rewind 30 seconds', etc... All such common deck controls worked fine with Google Play Movies. "Stop" also worked. For the heck of it once stopped I asked it to play that movie via Google Play Movies and it informed me it did not currently work with Google Play Movies. LOL. I didn't try just saying "Play" though after I had stopped it. I wonder...

Anyway I really, really like the voice control for video. It seems just about as good as a dedicated remote control which I have long wanted for Chromecast. So I hope somebody else out there is as happy about this little discovery as I am.
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