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Ansalon - The Dragonlance Text-Based RPG (MUD)
Ansalon, the oldest DragonLance Text-Based RPG MUD
Ansalon, the oldest DragonLance Text-Based RPG MUD


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The Traveling Faire is set up where the ships sit,
stagnant and dusty, and the blue dragons came at
the companions with a fury.

Log in and pay it a visit, the Faire is open all weekend!
[Hit Return to Continue on... Ansalon!]

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Ansalon is back up and fully operation, no longer having to use the IP address, and... well our Website is a new thing as well!!!
Ansalon.NET is our new address for everything, the expired and weren't released from captivity.

Come on in, see the new website!

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There are 20 people on, 4 imms, where are you?

Updates: Mob age giving more EXP back in.
White Dragon in IceReach, key drops, deactivate or die on chest.
Identify Spell now shows staff charges (gem's imbued)
Age works! Spell list/Skill list <class> from any char to see what spells/skills at what level in (splist, slist/sklist).
Bharish Chalice... now eternally refills itself (with whatever you fill with)

Moar coming! 15-20 on regularly, upswing and having fun, come join us!


When: Saturday, September 21st 2013
Time: 9 PM, CST (US Central Standard Time)
Where: Ansalon MUD!
What: ZOMG It's... DECK QUEST!.. for reals
Who: Solinari & The Imm Staff of Ansalon
Who else:... Y OU! 

Come play, prizes are legendary!

If you have MXP with your client (IE. MushClient & Zmud, a few others)
You'll now have more clickables. Unread/note list/note reading etc. To see if (if you have MXP), type unread, or note list. You can click on the numbers. Also, you will have a <<Prev  [Unread]  Next>> link to click (if anyone has better formatting lmk).

2013-08-20 Update: Now as they post you can just click on the link and read the new ones.
Your NESWUD in your prompts are clickable now. If the door is close (neswudn) it will be 'open' that direction.

Also, if you need to stand for something or wake etc? It's a clickable link as well.
IE: In your dreams, or what?  Perhaps you should try waking up first.
Ps. This all requires MXP which is available on the Ansalon MushClient (or just Mushclient) as well as Zmud,
and NOW...

A great resounding screech pierces the night!
You look up to see a gigantic Red Condor shooting across the darkness! As the beast rockets across the sky, you make out fiery feathers falling from away from it like meteors...
The Red Condor Feather Quest.

Across Ansalon are strewn the feathers of Sargonnas, the Great Condor.
There are 5 sizes of feathers, some more valuable than others. 
... some don't belong to the God of Vengeance at all.
You can turn then in whenever you like, Quest will run for 1 week. 
(Feathers will be redispersed due to crash or copyover, etc.)
- 5 of a similar size will earn you a prize
- 1 of each size will earn you a prize
- 3 of each size.. there's no telling what you'll get!
Go forth and explore, and keep your eyes open!!
 - Sargonnas, one seriously plucked off bird!

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Our bulk emailer needs your help. Can you please check your Spam folder (if you use Yahoo, Gmail etc) and mark our email as 'Not Spam'? This will help the servers not think we're horrible people and let our emails through.

You can always unsubscribe btw, link at the bottom of the emails.
If you aren't subscribed, and want to be, note immortal with your email addy.
- Ziv/Dave/Skol etc.

Changes coming! I'm back and active, come play!

- Ziv/Dave/Skol
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