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Superior Solutions, Inc
Let us be you're cyber security expert
Let us be you're cyber security expert


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Finding great Penetration Testers for your network can be hard - we provide tips in a recent blog

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Superior Solutions is ready to help you and your company with:

Information Architecture and Audit & Design Audits
Vulnerability Assessments for Banking Systems (FIL-30-2003).
Security Policy & Procedure Assessments and Consulting
Security Product Planning and Implementation
Social Engineering Attacks
Vulnerability Assessments
Penetration Testing
War Dialing and VoIP Security Reviews
War Driving & Wireless Vulnerability Assessments

Contact Us so we can tell you more!

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Targeted Social Media Attacks Said to be Underreported according to this article. Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Interesting piece says Study Shows Google Better than Bing at Filtering Malicious Web Sites. Which browser do you like best?

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Do you know what to do once you've been hacked? Our latest blog gives you steps to take to limit the damage.

Of course, to prevent your business from being hacked you can contact us about ways we can protect you!

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We've talked about why it is important to protect yourself and your computers from hackers, here is a good read with some tips on why it is important and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Just in time for all those preparing their taxes this weekend we have published our blog Hackers and Tax Scams, tips for keeping yourself secure online while completing your taxes.

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There's a lot debate over the Privacy vs. Cybersecurity presented in the bill about to go to Congress next week. What are your thoughts on this important bill?

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As most of us make preparations for our taxes, we thought it would be a good idea to post last year's blog on 6 Tips for Online Tax Services.

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Hackers Plan to Cash in During Last Minute Rush of Tax Filing Season - Check out our tips. Please share if you find useful!
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