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Finally hit Level 2 on #ingress , haha. Considering I only go by two portals on my daily drive and I'm not tough enough to go walk around in the cold, I am happy with this.

It's been less than a six months since I got an Android phone and it's already replaced my digital camera, iPod Nano, TI-83+ (outside of tests), Game Boy/Advance/DS, and many basic laptop functions.

The best part is that with #tmobile  I'm paying less than I was for a "dumbphone" talk+text plan on another network - even when including the price I spent to buy the phone on eBay.

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Interesting - help add to their data pool and find out approximately how many words you know - and check out some interesting facts on their blog ! #testyourvocab  

Filed my taxes. #taxes   #irs   #hrblockfreefile  

It's been so cold that 13F felt warm.

It is too cold to save the world for approximately the next week. #ingress

I guess this week of below-freezing weather is my comeuppance for joking about what a lovely globally-warmed winter we were having. Sorry for casually joking about your plight, Earth.

You've Been Invited to Play Ingress. O my. What is this we have here. #ingress  

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#sennheiser  CX150 on sale today at #newegg  for $18, free shipping. CX301 on sale for $25. Was shopping for a good value on in-ear headphones under $50 and am very pleased to have found this.

Pretty sure I'm going to be starting the "New Year" with the flu. Doesn't seem to be going away - I'm sitting up now because after 17 hours of laying down it was starting to hurt.

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A Chemistree. That is all.

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