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Enjoying life.

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Evaluate your business ideas.

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My Healthcare IT posts are always via my +MLHIM profile at +Timothy W. Cook  please follow those two instead of this one.

#MLHIM #healthcareit  

One-on-One via Google Hangout
Health Informatics Consulting

Specializing in openEHR and MLHIM training and implementation services. 

Now you can get one-on-one help with MLHIM implementation and training. 
Just click this link,
Of course it is best to schedule a time. But you never know, you might catch me available to answer those questions; now!

As a reminder, everyone should uncircle this account and circle this one:

Also, don't forget Healthcare IT Live! Episode #12 today:

Prof. Denis Protti is our guest.  Join the panel and discuss global healthcare IT.

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Survey from my trusted Plussers 
Please share this publicly

If you saw a computer application named "Alchemist" and it is advertised as a tool for researchers.  Would you have a positive or negative impression based on the name?  Please enter the word, positive or negative as a reply.  If you would like to add more context, feel free.  

This is also a test of of using just G+ instead of redirecting people to surveymonkey, etc.  for quick feedback. So sharing is part of the survey.  Thanks for your help.

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You should also have a complete copy! 
Ensure the Health of Your Information with a Backup Plan Have you reviewed your EHR backup plan lately?

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Ubuntu is still improving 
See the new Ubuntu Design Blog over at - this is part of the work going on to work more closely with the community to improve collaboration around great design. More details coming soon.

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Good stuff! 
"If you are a junior developer and want to learn how other more experienced colleagues think, these books are the best place to start. If you are a developer and intermediate or experienced, and want to see how your colleagues have solved difficult design problems, these books might find interesting and useful too."
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