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Joseph LaForest
When I find the silver lining to this cloud, I'm retiring.
When I find the silver lining to this cloud, I'm retiring.

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Friends of Integrated Pest Management Award Nominations still open!
The Southern IPM Center still has it's Friends of IPM Award Nominations open.   The program recognizes outstanding work in IPM
in the southern region. We have two kinds of awards: one for IPM professionals and
one for graduate students. Deadline for nominat...

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Southern IPM Center announces Enhancement Grant Program
The IPM Enhancement Grants Program is a one of the key ways the Southern IPM Center address important issues affecting the region.  Groups interested in developing or implementing Integrated Pest Management solutions can apply for funding.  There is no rest...

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Old World Bollworm (Helicoverpa armigera) found in United States!
Todd Gilligan, LepIntercept, USDA APHIS ITP, On June 17, 2015, one male Helicoverpa armigera (old world bollworm) was collected in a Cooperative
Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) pheromone trap in a field in Bradenton, Florida, USA. This moth is a...

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EPA releases Proposal to Protect Bees from Acutely Toxic Pesticides
The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing restrictions to protect bees used for pollination services from harmful pesticide exposure. Large numbers of bees may be exposed to pesticide spray when growers contract with beekeepers to provide pollination...

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Southern Region Enhancement Grant Webinar Announced!
On December 10th at 2:00pm EST, the Southern IPM Center will hold a webinar to present details of the latest Enhancement Grant Competition!  While the information presented in the webinar is the same as in the Competition details , attendees will have the o...

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Southern IPM Center Enhancement Grant Program Open
The Southern Region IPM Center has released the 2015 Request for Applications (RFA) for the IPM Enhancement Grants (a copy is attached). Deadline for proposals is Friday, January 16 at 5 PM EST . Project directors can apply for one of four (4) project types...

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Spotted Lanternfly found in Pennsylvania
On Sept. 22, 2014, the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, confirmed the presence the Spotted Lanternfly ( Lycorma delicatula ) in Berks County. The Spotted Lanternfly is a planthopper from Asia, spe...

I have two pages for different organizations.  I've started using Google Drive/Google Docs for getting people to collaborate on documents.  I'm currently putting those under my personal account.  Is there any way that these can be put under the page rather than a user?  That would greatly improve the utility from our standpoint and match what we are doing with Video on YouTube, Events, Hangouts, Photos, and other resources that are held in the Google Systems.  

It could be that this already exists, but the grid icon that provides access to all Google services does not appear when I switch to the account for any of the pages and i do not see a way to switch from within Google Drive.

I have an organization page (  The group is known by everyone that works with us as Bugwood.  The only approved customurl is BugwoodOrg.  I'm guessing that is because our main website is at  We'd really like for our custom URL to just be Bugwood.  All of the posts i see regarding this say 'You can't customize is directly, but you can post a request and hope that something happens"  Here's hoping that someone is moderating this and can give direction.
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