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From Idea to Phone in Record Time
Make profitable Windows Phone apps easily using your knowledge of XAML and .NET. You can also use your iOS, Android, Windows or web developer background.
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10 Best Practices for Windows Phone Developers #webcast
Samidip Basu. Smidip Basu works as Manager Consultant with Sogeti USA LLC. out of their Columbus Unit. While his bread & butter job involves design, architecture & development of custom soluti...
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Asynchronous UI development in WinRT, Silverlight, Windows Phone & WPF with async/await keywords of C# 5.0
This is a reblog of my article from C# 5.0 comes with the new async/await keywords that make asynchronous code easier to write, read and maintain. This is very nic......
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8 Must-Have Tools for Windows Phone 7 Development
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31 Weeks of Windows Phone Metro Design

1 Metro Design Principles and Metro Design Language
2 The Design Process of a Windows Phone app
3 Ideation & Concept
4 Hub & Spoke Navigation Model
4 Choosing between Panorama, Pivot and Pages
5 Translating Information Architecture into a Windows Phone Application Flow
6 Layout with the Windows Phone Design Grid
7 Typography
8 Designing Lists
9 Use of Images and Photography
10 Panorama Composition in Depth
11 Pivot Composition in Depth
12 Tips for Design Custom Screens and Controls
13 Using App Bar
14 Designing Windows Phone Icons
15 Designing Tiles (and Live Tiles)
16 Branding your Apps
17 Creating Backgrounds for Panoramas
18 Conventional Map Experience
19 Conventional Search Experience
20 Conventional Browser Experience
21 Conventional Audio/Video Experiences
22 Motion catalogue in Windows Phone
23 Leveraging theme and personalization in your app (or not)
24 Touch size, touch target, touch gestures
25 Orientation - portrait, landscape left, landscape right
26 Improving Perceived Performance
27 Tools for Designing Windows Phone Apps
28 Porting iPhone Apps to Windows Phone
29 Creative Ideation Techniques for Apps
30 Paper Prototyping
31 Pushing Metro Further with Design Inspiration
1/7/2012. Hello! - I'm working on this weeks post on Windows Phone Design Process. I hope you enjoy it. I should be able to post it tomorrow Sunday PM. As I mentioned in the first post, I'll d...
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Windows Phone Code Samples - learn through code
Download Windows Phone code samples and applications. New samples are added daily in C#, VB.NET, PHP, Node.js, and Java so check back often.
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Windows Phone Dev Center
Welcome to. Windows Phone Dev Center! SUBMIT APP. Join Dev Center and publish your app in the Windows Phone Store. GET SDK. Download the tools to build great Windows Phone apps. VIEW SAMPLES. View cod...
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WP SDK 7.1.1 Update
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Windows Phone SDK 7.1.1 Update offers developers tools and options to help them develop and test applications for 256-MB Windows Phone devices.
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#HTML5 and #CSS3 on Windows Phone: Simple Geolocation
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Scott Hanselman’s A to Z resources
Overview: In the endeavor to learn the best of the things in Windows Phone 7 development I have been looking out for resources ever since I started developing one. In this post I would like to point y...
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*The Big Dummies Guide for Windows Phone Developer Resources *
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Mario Binder's News about the Windows Phone Development
My Name is Mario Binder, and I write here over Links, Tips & Tricks for the Windows Phone Development