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Jeannie Gknee
Film buff, history nerd, Anglophile.
Film buff, history nerd, Anglophile.

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Here's one thing that makes me Angry about G+

Each time I try to change my profile picture it takes so long to figure out, I give up the first time!

It is so unintuitive I have to Google it every time. Then it won't accept any image I'm using on other sites - too small. Then it won't let me crop it properly to fit in their frame. Grrrrrrrrr.

Dear Google +
It should not take half an hour to figure out how to add a profile picture. It takes about a minute on Twitter and maybe two on Facebook. Fix this!

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Still the best video I saw this year. If 1:24 is too long for you, skip to .55

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New blog post: That End of the Year Thing

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Ahoy mateys! It be Talk Like a Pirate Day, arrrr

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This is the first video I have shared on here, fitting because it's the first Google Doodle that ever made me cry. I heard about it last night via and on Twitter. It will hit the US tomorrow, we get it late like all Queen-related media and merchandise. Good thing I'm a life-long Anglophile and order everything but DVDs from the UK stores. Here is Dr May's post on the Google blog

Pardon the fangirlism but I only discovered Queen this year. Better late than never! I am stupified by their talent and personality. My musical taste has always been wildly eclectic so I appreciate that aspect of their music. Now collecting deluxe CD reissues.

Irene is coming. Packing for possible forced evacuation and preparing for probable power outage. The exact path keeps shifting east and west, so we will be hit with either a category 1, 2 or 3 hurricane or a tropical storm by saturday night, sunday morning. Last time a category 2 hit we were without power for a week.

So if I'm not online monday...

I never felt an earthquake before. Weird. At first I thought my desk chair was wobbling. Then I realized it was the floor, and the house. My husband was sitting on the couch and thought he was having some sort of equilibrium problem, lol.

Spent last night and this morning vanquishing the Tazinga redirect Virus, then the Fake Microsoft Security Essentials Alert Virus. I didn't get any sleep, but the computer is now clean.

/me does a geek dance

I have a $100 gift certificate to what should I get?
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