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Paul Adamson
Arboriculturalist, Freelance bushcraft instructor and Wood carver
Arboriculturalist, Freelance bushcraft instructor and Wood carver

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Childrens Spoons decorated and in the shop
Now available in the Web Shop , four new designs for kids and grown ups if you fancy a slightly smaller eating spoon. All chip carved with the tip of my Frosts Mora 106 carving knife, and painted with non-toxic Oil Paints. There really fun to make, and I of...

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Small eating spoons
I've been having a nice break from spoon carving lately and in fact a lot of craft. There's been a run of Barkcraft teaching latley which has been fun and a couple of shows I've demonstrated at, but apart from those events its been mainly walking about in t...

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Well, its been a while. Being busy with spoon making, teaching and studying natural history hasn't left much spare time for anything else, but sometimes you just get the urge to stay up late and make stuff.  Firstly, I was gifted an old British "Stubbs" met...

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Instagram and a Spoon Giveaway
Instagram has been a quick and easy way to pop up things I've been doing. Its good fun, but obviously limited compared to writing a blog article. I try to use a few different platforms for my work, so thought I'd have a bit of a competition to win a Birch L...

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Net Making
Net making is something I don't get to practice much, so as the sun was out I thought I'd head to my favorite wood and make a start on one. First off, get a fire and a brew on. Feathersticks and a flame this time as I was in a rush and everything was soaked...

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Paul Adamson commented on a post on Blogger.
Thanks Ron. Hoping to do lots more trips and blogging while things are a little quieter. Just getting back into net making. I'm a bit behind on what folks in blog land have been up to, so doing some catching up and enjoying the reading. 

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Making Birch Tar
I try to get out to practice skills in the woods as much as possible, and winter is often the best time. Its quiet, and there's less pressure on time needed for teaching or preparing for the courses I run. Its also a greater test as the weather can make thi...

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Kuksas and shrink pots – Branched handles and practical use
Most of my spare time when not carving items for the shop
or nipping out to the woods, has lately been spent on refining kuksa shapes,
working out the problems with using straight grained wood, and trying out a few
new things I’ve not seen done before. I’m ...

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Happy New Year and a January Sale
Its bargain time in the web shop. There will be a few new regular designs, one off spoons, and kuksa available soon to buy. Also, a few new blog entries are long overdue. Subjects to b...

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Bushcraft Skills overnighter course
Had a great weekend just gone, teaching a group of seven adults all about the basics of bushcraft, with a chance to sleep out in the woods and enjoy the experience for longer. We were busy long into the evening and many a dutch oven was filled and emptied o...
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