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How I Balance Working From Home and Being a Mom
This morning, I was checking in on a few social media groups I frequent when I saw something that caught my eye. An article about work-from-home life, in which a mom of two commiserated about how different freelancing from home has been compared to what she...

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Here's Exactly What You Need to do to Land Your First Freelance Writing Job
No matter how passionate I am about something, if I'm not feeling sure of my ability to pull it off, I will drag my feet. It's my MO.  I want to pitch a new publication, I even have a solid idea, but I let an incomplete draft sent in my email inbox for week...

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4 Mistakes I Made When I Started Freelance Writing
Just last week, I booked a photographer to take a head shot for my professional Facebook page. I've been a full-time freelancer for quite awhile, but I still don't have an up-to-date, professional head shot for my website or social media pages.  It is kind ...

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The Myth Keeping You From Chasing Your Freelance Writing Dreams
Earlier this month, I got an email from a mom who wanted to write more but was struggling to find the time. She had a lot going on in her life. Two young kids, a part-time job and financial stress. She ended her email with a question I'm fairly certain ever...

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The Four Action Steps that Turned My Part-Time Freelance Gig into a Full-time Job
Once I started freelancing, building up my income was a slow and steady process. Even though my original goal for my writing career was to make right around $1000 each month so I could stay home with my kids full-time, that goal changed roughly a year after...

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Do I Need a Blog to Become a Freelance Writer?
Keeping a personal blog was what allowed me to become a freelance writer. If you remember from my first post, an editor finding my blog and asking to republish one of my posts was the most important connections I made early in my freelance career. I was abl...

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How Much Money Can You Make From Freelance Writing?
I have a love/hate thing when it comes to talking about money. The truth is, I love setting monetary goals for myself and my freelance business. A dollar amount is a concrete way to challenge myself to grow. It pushes me to pitch better paying publications,...

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How I Turned My Blogging Hobby into a Work-From-Home Job
I’ve written a few essays about how I became a full-time freelance writer. For DailyWorth, I wrote about how my freelance work really took off when my husband faced a few months of unemployment in 2016. For SheKnows, I wrote about how foreign the reaction t...

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20-Something, Unemployed, and Under Pressure: How Not to Totally Lose It
I've mentioned here before that our family is on the other side of a pretty long and difficult season. Earlier in the year, Chris was unemployed for nearly five months. We learned a lot during that time about our family and ourselves. It was a challenging t...

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Autumn, in Review
Hello, December. The cold and wind seems to have finally arrived here in the Midwest. It's an adjustment, for sure. There are now three kids to dress in warm clothes, heads to cover, three pairs of mittens to keep track of. I won't be surprised at all of it...
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