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Jill Thomas
Hello family and friends, and welcome to my blog.
Hello family and friends, and welcome to my blog.

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Killer Coupon
The entry that follows is an excerpt from my upcoming book, Risking it All:  One Woman's Adventure Giving Away Her Income .  I'm writing the book in journal form, and I expect to complete it early in the Fall of this year. Journal Entry - Saturday, July 15,...

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Monday Musings
I just returned from my second Writers' Conference of the year, and I had every good intention of getting up early and getting productive.  It's Monday, after all, and the possibilities for this new week are wide open. It just didn't happen as I planned, th...

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Making a Way
Today I came upon this verse and it stopped me dead in my tracks:   “…they made an opening in the
roof above Jesus by digging through it…” Mark 2:4b (NIV)   I've heard this story many times throughout the years.  55+ years ago in Sunday School classes I rem...

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Handling Snakes and Moving Mountains
Today I was writing out a donation check.  The problem is that I’m having a hard time believing in the possibility of
any good thing happening through my puny gift.   My paycheck was small this
week, almost embarrassingly so.   I work
as an assistant to my ...

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Easter week.  It's the last week of Jesus' life, and it has not gone as the disciples thought all along it would.  Not one iota like they'd thought. He has told them all along he would be going.  He's been specific in saying he'd be turned over to the autho...

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How Well Do You Know Yourself?
As we approach the Easter holiday, I've been  reading the accounts of the events leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection in the Bible.  Today, as I read parts of Mark chapter 14, I wondered about Peter, one of Jesus' best buddies for his last thre...

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Giraffe Midwife Needed?
April, the giraffe, is ready to give birth any second now.  Her belly is as huge as a barrel.  I've become fairly obsessed intrigued by this giraffe and by the whole process of readying for a large animal birth in a small rural zoo. Located in the Animal Ad...

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A Day of Hunting, Catching, and Killing
Today I feel much like Alexander. That is, the Alexander of that well known award-winning children's book by Judith Viorst, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Everything today seems to be going miserably, and I'm feeling out of sor...

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Miraculous Provision
This morning during my quiet
coffee time, I read portions of Mark 6, specifically the account of Jesus
feeding the 5000 and the subsequent record of Jesus walking on the water.   (See Mark 6:30-44 and Mark 6:45-52.) It is easy to read these two
incidents qu...

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What Will YOU Remember?
The Alamo A few days ago, the hubby and I returned home from a
wonderful five-day sightseeing vacation to San Antonio, Texas.   We had a great experience, but I’m left with
some things to ponder. Leaving the winter temperatures and dreary gray
skies of cent...
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