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Wordbuilding exsercise:
Do you find interesting the following setting?

-A large empire loosely based on cina and japan for esthetics and on roman empire for military and law sistem.

-The empire is a naval power whit the capital on an island in an arcipelago which is sacred to the people and the place were empire was born

- the empire is multicoltural and variegate and try to assimilate other cultures and religions in its own

-The society is traditional, caste based with at the top the nobles than the priest, the warriors, the merchabt and freefolks. Every caste as its rights and duties

-the main religion is a sincretic faith called the faith of the circle which has two opposing paths the path of arnony which preaches assimilation, peace and calm and the path of the warrior wich values most conflict, change and emotions. Both are aspects of the same faith/phylosopy. The priests are high regarded in the society and the empire is de facto a teocratic state where the emperor is also the hight priest.

-there are two types of magic one mundane and one only for few people:
- the mundane magic is called the art of the craft and everyone can use it. However it takes very long time and dedication to work. It comes from the desires of men and it's commonly used by artist and artisans. When someone creates a masterwork of its art it can come alive, this is the magic of the craft. Here some exemples: creating a blade which cannot be broken, creating a panting that moves by itself, creating moving statues wich can do simple tasks ecc.
It cannot do the following things: create something for nothing, influence other people, more strange and big the effect is more times it needs for starting to work, its linked to the creator and his heirs when the creator dies and has no heirs the power vanishes

-A subset ot the art of the craft is the art of writing. The monks in the montain monasteries craft big scrolls conteinig glyphs which have great power particualry some things that can be done with scrolls are:
-Creating magical contracts that warns the makers when one side broke then
-Seal a door or an entrance against soneone or something
-Create magical writings that change depending of whom reads them
-Sealing the Power of something so e cannot use it or cab use it in a limited way

-The other form of magic is called the Power it's a secretive form of magic that comes from a see slug. This slug can be implanted with a needle in someones neck making it a symbiont. The slug feeds on psychical energy of the host and amplify it making the host capable of reading minds, controll other people thoughts and memories and even killing them silently. However the use of the power make the user easily exausted and also is highly addictive. When the host starts using it to influence others he slowly starts losing controll until he cannot live without preying other people memories and thoughts becoming a hollow shell with no identity and memories except the ones it steals from others.

-For this reason the use of the power is highly regulamentated and controlled by the faith of the circle which has differents views around the use of the power, however officialy they deny the existence of the Power

-the imperial family, high rak nobles and filthy rich mercants can all use the Power in a way of onother and this is probably why they have their position.

-There is also a secret group of assasins wich use the power. They are higly trained killers and work for the emperor hiding as courtesans, artist and advisors in most of the warlords and governors holds.

- another, even more secret use of the sea slug it's reviving the dead. However the person that come back from dead is often very different from the one it was before. The behavior usually is very diffetent, the skin becomes pale and cold and the eyes continue to rot until they become black holes filled by a little eary blue flame. This undead maintein the intelligence and the skills they had in life but the main reason of their existence becomes to feed from people emotions which they can breath like air and that have different colours and flavourz visible only by their hollow eyes. The creation of this abbominations is forbidden and when the church of the circle founds one of them they are destroyed at sight.

Complimenti ancora Luca, son contento che il tuo progetto sia arrivato alla pubblicazione^^ aspetto di mettere le mie mani sul cartaceo a questo punto ;)

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C'è per caso qualcuno che può aiutarmi con un progetto su un gioco da tavolo che sto sviluppando for fun e uso personale? Sarebbe solo da dare un occhiata al regolamento e individuare eventuali criticità ad occhio. il gioco è uno strategico storico sulla prima crociata per 2+ giocatori. Come meccaniche prende abbastanza a piene mani da "The games of Thrones the boardgame" ma con delle varianti. Se qualcuno è interessato e vuole darmi una mano le regole sono in allegato.
taggo un po' di gente che penso possano essere interessarsi
+Teo Black +Nicola Fanella +Philow Beker +Nicola Urbinati +Daniele Di Rubbo +Luca Maiorani +Saverio Porcari

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Ok è arrivato il momento! La possibilità per uno di voi di portare a casa uno dei nostri giochi gratuitamente!
Condividete l'immagine, seguite la nostra pagina e incrociate le dita.

Ciao a tutti gente, mi piacerebbe fare una demo di fate core, o anche di altri giochi in caso, se qualcuno é disponibile.
Taggo gente che sa:
+Nicola Urbinati+Daniele Di Rubbo+Antonio Amato

Appena visto Zootropolis e devo dire che mi é piaciuto molto, trama non scontata, personaggi ben caratterizzati e mi é piaciuto molto come ha trattato la tematica della discriminazione e del razzismo

+Mattia Bulgarelli+Moreno Roncucci+Ezio Melega​ non mi ricordo con chi di voi ne parlavo ma mi interesserebbe approfondire il concetto socio antropologico di rito e ritualità, pensiero magico e il suo ruolo nella società , sapreste consigliarmi qualche buon testo con cui approfondire questo tema? Grazie
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