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Oklahoma - 'Washed Ashore'

The wind is really blowing on this early overcast April morning. A large piece of driftwood long ago washed up onto the remains of this boat ramp, and it's weight pretty much keeps it in place. The driftwood is alternately drenched with water during times of high rains, or drying out under the relentless summer sun. It will be many more years before it meets it's end.

I intentionally placed the driftwood in the center of the frame to first catch the eye before you view the scene in its entirety.

Sorry for the long silence but I have been busy with other projects and just have not made that many photographs of merit lately.Hope you are all well!

#weather #lake #driftwood #morning #spring #landscape #oklahoma #holocenimage

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Take a look at this ... good stuff!
Peter Coskun's stunning images are captured using intense colors and engaging compositions. So how do you get those vivid colors? There’s more to it than pushing the saturation sliders to the max in your processing software. Here are five tips that can help you maximize color in your photographs.

Enjoy & Share.
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Oklahoma USA - 'Flow'

Once the ice begins to thin, small channels of water begin flowing near shore. The early glow of dawn light illuminates the ripples of moving water while ice edges are defined by shadow. The complimentary colors of orange and blue lend both a warmth and cool tinge all at once to the view; both pleasing to the eye. The breakup continues . . . .

#water #ice #flow #sunrise #waterscape #icescape #holoceneimage #oklahoma #lakeoverholser #travelok #photomaniausa


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Oklahoma USA - 'Heritage'

While traveling one of the lesser known county roads, I came across this derelict windmill with the wind turbines in the background. The contrasting difference between the two machines is obvious, though they each serve a different purpose.

The weather was moody in the sense that there would be low hanging clouds enveloping the landscape one minute, then the Sun peaking through breaks in the cloud cover the next. I waited for these illuminating breaks between exposures to achieve the look I wanted. I eventually settled on this scene, as it provided the most contrast between the granite hills in the background and the similarly colored rusted vanes on the windmill.

#windmill #mountains #windturbines #overcast #grasses #granite #landscape #oklahoma #travelok #holoceneimage #thomaswelborn

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Oklahoma USA - 'Imperfect'

I probably have a few dozen of these (who doesn't), but this is the first one that seemed to appeal to me from an artistic point of view. The color of the water and the glow from the twilight sky came together in a pleasing way. No adjustments were made to the original color temp or tint.

#twilight #water #flora #reflection #imperfect #abstaction #oklahoma #holoceneimage #thomaswelborn

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On Jan. 31, three lunar events will come together in an unusual overlap that’s being called a super blue blood moon. See how this celestial rarity will help scientists observe what happens when the surface of the Moon cools quickly during a lunar eclipse. Details:

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Oklahoma USA - 'Among The Green'

Fog lying in the stream channel lends a sense of mystery to this scene, but it is the green among the trees that holds my eye. Vibrant shades of color, from almost yellow, to pine green abound on the moss and lichen covered blocks of limestone and sandstone. Cool and inviting, the green beckons . . . .

#fog #green #moss #lichen #limestone #sandstone #trees #landscape #intimate #nikon #tokina #thomaswelborn

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Oklahoma USA - 'ICE'

The middle of January saw Oklahoma plunged into below 0 temperatures and brutal North winds for most of a full week. The No 1 reservoir only needs a few days of weather like this to freeze over to thicknesses ranging from 1" to 3". Not all that much, but more than enough to create a wide variety of shapes and forms sculpted in ice from the interaction of freezing winds and water.

Despite the conditions, I spent several days slipping on and laying on (intentionally) the ice. I played around with illuminating some of the slabs of clear ice which can be seen in one of the images. Many of the shots were handheld). I made several hundred images over the days I was out shooting.

The images shown here were just a few of the many. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in creating them. Wish you all a great weekend!

#ice #icescapes #cold #landscapes #winter #january #oklahoma #lakeoverholser #holoceneimage #thomaswelborn
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Take a look at this. It could prove to be one of the most important books you ever read if you aspire to raising your craft to an art.
Perception and Imaging
If you're already comfortable with f stops and shutter speeds as well as composition and lighting, but still feel as if there is room for growth in your imagery, perhaps what you are missing can be found in the book Perception and Imaging by +John Suler and Richard D. Zakia. You can find the book at Amazon
or you can read my book review first, if you have any doubts.

Perception & Imaging by John Suler and Richard D. Zakia

If I were advising any photography student on the selection of one book to purchase and to keep in their permanent library, it would probably be Perception and Imaging by John Suler and Richard D. Zakia. There are thousands of books and magazines that will teach you the technical aspects of the craft – fstops, shutter speeds, lens selection, etc – and those are all good things to know on the way to becoming a good craftsman. There are also an equal number of books that will teach you much about composition and lighting, helping you to raise your craft to the level of art. But there are few resources which attempt to take the student to the next and final level of visual artistry which is to gain an understanding of the meaning and/or purpose of their creative imagery, and Suler and Zakia’s Perception and Imaging is the most comprehensive such book imaginable. If there is a gap in this reference tome, I have yet to find it.

From the basics of Figure and Ground explanation to a discussion on Memory and Association and on through to Rhetoric and Personality, Suler and Zakia give us concise explanations of how these elements affect our creative process while simultaneously affecting the perceptions of those who view our resultant imagery. Best of all, they accomplish this in clear, simple language presented in easily digestible bites. You can open this book to any random page and in a few minute’s reading gain an understanding of one important aspect of how effective imagery is made and why imagery elicits the emotional responses from us that it so obviously does. Undoubtedly, you will feel compelled to read both forward and backward from this point to round out your understanding of this new idea and Perception and Imaging never fails to deliver. And finally if, like me, you are daunted by a book with too many words and the threat of information overload, Perception and Imaging contains a liberal dose of illustrative figures to effectively translate the instructional text into meaningful imagery. As well, the margins of the text are inhabited by a plethora of quotes, often as humorous as they are relevant. Who else but Suler and Zakia would think to quote Mae West in a book about photography.

Though I’ve only begun to tap the full depths of wisdom contained in this book, my favorite quote is a rephrasing of a quote by Nietsche which now reads “The most intelligible part of a visual language is not the elements, but the tone, force, modulation, tempo in which a group of visual elements are arranged and displayed – that is the music behind the elements, the emotion behind the music, everything that cannot be visualized.” I will be absorbing that thought into my photography for the rest of my career.

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Oklahoma USA - 'Two Passions'

Another image from the 'unprocessed' files.

May 2016. Northeastern Oklahoma is full of streams like this one located in the Middle Arkansas watershed. Limestone and sandstone dominate the mostly Pennsylvanian Era geology. The streams begin as small creeks and springs that move downhill with some eventually forming small streams.

The waters will often contain both brown and rainbow trout that enter these waters via dam overflow from nearby lakes. Some of the finest fly fishing for trout to be found in Oklahoma are located in these small streams.

On this morning I decided to take my fly rod and a box of flies along for no other reason than to get in some practice reading the ripples and pools. There was a great deal of fog down in the valley where this stream is located - ideal conditions to create some moody, atmospheric images. When I made this particular image, the sun was already up but still hidden behind the ridge to the right. The solar glow back-lit the fog, creating a wonderful mood without dominating the scene. Once the sun crested the ridge, the photography was done and I got down to some serious casting. I saw only a few small rainbows as I walked and plied my line along the rocky shoreline. I didn't catch any fish but there will always be another time.

#stream #fog #limestone #sandstone #water #landscape #spring #trout #foliage #oklahoma #holoceneimage #thomaswelborn #flyfishing #photomaniausa #showyourbestwork #travelok

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