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1 Girl 5 Gays YAY! <3

TGIF! I can't wait for today to be over! 

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Hellz yeah I do! :P

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I'm 20 pages from the ending of my book last night right at the climax of the story and BAMB my Nook goes dead and I have to wait 15 minutes for it to charge. I fell asleep waiting....I want to go home and read!

The good Egg, Hi health, Massage Envy, Full Circle Car Wash and home. Busy morning/afternoon, but I feel great! 

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Time to get a good buzz! <3 Ace Pear! 

"a dark cloud over your bed
You're so sad you just might die
But the sun will still rise
The sun will still rise....

Well maybe the end is upon you
And what then, here repeat after me
It goes, I won't stop loving
I won't stop loving....

You don't have to be perfect
You don't have to play well
You don't have to fix everything
All by yourself"

Watching 1 girl 5 gays! This show is hilarious! 

It just went from bad to worse. Tooth pulled a week ago, and now I have a sore throat. :-( 

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Sushi time! Yum! 
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