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Healthy teeth are a team effort!
Healthy teeth are a team effort!

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Bad, Bad Breath
Bad breath (or halitosis) is a condition that happens to everyone at one time or another. In this note, we’ll hit on some common causes and how to fix them. Home Care As your hygienist will tell you, it’s good to brush your teeth two to three times a day an...

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Sensitive Teeth? We Can Help!
Many people deal with sensitive teeth. Sensitivity affects so many daily activities, from brushing and flossing, to drinking your morning coffee, to indulging in frosty dessert. There are several reasons why you may be sensitive and a few options to solve t...

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Invisalign FAQ
Happy New Year! It's that time again...We resolve to make improvements and challenge ourselves to finally act on those things we've been thinking about doing for so long. If you've thought about straightening your teeth but are nervous or have some question...

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Preparing for a Child's First Dental Visit
Preparing for your child’s first dental visit can be tricky. We encourage you to talk about us before you visit. Your child has been to the physician’s office many times, usually for shots, so it’s understandable if they are a little unsure of us. Here are ...

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Children's Dental Issues
Today we’re going to discuss some common habits that can be damaging to children’s teeth, as well as some solutions to help alleviate them. Baby Bottle Syndrome Baby Bottle Syndrome is a condition in which the child’s teeth have been exposed to sugary liqui...

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Wisdom Teeth FAQ
Having your wisdom teeth removed is a rite of passage for many young adults. Dr. Kirk Bankhead is our go-to guy for extractions. Today he’ll answer some of the most common wisdom teeth questions. Why do wisdom teeth need to come out? In the majority of case...

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Solutions for Teeth Grinding
Grinding, also known as bruxism, is when you clench your teeth tightly together, sometimes while grinding them back and forth over each other. For some people, this is a reaction to stress. It can happen when you are awake or asleep. Many people don’t even ...

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Five years ago, Meghan collected some of the September 11th memories from our staff and published them as a Facebook Note. Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the attacks, and we'd like to republish that post here. If you have a memory you wish to share,...

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Brush 'Em! Floss 'Em!
Everybody brushes, but did you know there's a trick to it? To help you get the most out of your routine, here are a few important tips: - Always use a toothpaste that is recommended by the American Dental Association. It will say so on the box or tube. This...

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Teeth Around the Globe
Meghan visited Copenhagen recently and took this picture of a local dental office. “Klinik” is pretty easy to decipher, but we had to look up “tand.” Tand is the Danish word for tooth. That got us thinking about how to say “tooth” in other languages. What c...
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