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Maureen Kelly
Nerd of too many things for one life.
Nerd of too many things for one life.
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Digging through old JCL programs on a Friday afternoon is how I spend my time now. Bringing legacy to Visio one job number at a time so my successor doesn't have to sift through this shit. #codesquirrel

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This is friggin cool!

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The Heartless Bastards will be playing at Lola's in Fort Worth tonight. Something to not miss. Excellence coming from Austin, TX. :)

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"You say you wanna make a difference. Do you? Or do you just wanna look like you make a difference." As goofy as his character is, this is a good message worth listening to.
NSFW Skweezy puttin' it down on this Kony bandwagon shit. NSFW

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Friends and fellow foodies!

I'm looking for some recipe suggestions for a friend who's ill and has an increasingly more restrictive list of things she can eat. I don't know much about her illness but I do know she can eat meals using only the below ingredients. I would greatly appreciate any help you can provide.
Miryam's Food List

The game: Come up with an interesting and new (to Miry, at least) recipe. (Bonus if you come up with more than one!)

The trick: You can only use ingredients listed in this note. And that's for real. (Stupid dietary restrictions.)

The reward: A big smile from me and knowing you put it there. :D (I may sweeten the pot depending on my energy level! There could be biscuits involved.)

The ingredients:
-fresh beef, chicken or pork
-red, yellow or orange bell peppers
-zucchini or yellow squash
-any winter squash
-tomatoes, raw not cooked
-pretty much any oil, coconut a bonus
-five pistachio nuts
-1/4 c pumpkin seeds
-a little bit of avocado
-banana pepper
-white pepper
-ginger (fresh or dried)
-green herbs except cilantro
-dry mustard powder
-small amounts of chile powder, cayenne, cinammon, nutmeg, paprika
-up to 1 T sunflower seed butter
-1/4 cup of boiled carrots (water discarded)
-coconut flour and coconut
-baking soda
-pretty much any flavor extracts
-chamomile, hibiscus, mint, nettle teas

Small amounts of:
-white rice
-coconut milk
-one fresh apricot
-sugar(white, brown, honey all okay)
-fresh lemon, lime, orange, cherry or apple juice
-rice noodles

Here’s what I (Joey) cook on a pretty regular basis: stir fry, Chinese-style lemon chicken, cornstarch chicken strips, butternut squash soup, modified pho, sauteed chicken with buerre citron, beef mushroom stew, brisket, pork roast, steak with wilted arugula, homemade sausage, hamburgers without the bun, chicken soup, roasted chicken, cornstarch breaded pork chops.

If you decide to participate, thank you so much and I'm open to questions although this is truly a pretty comprehensive list. Have fun!!!

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And check out the related "Expanded rules for Rock-paper-scissors." Scissors shoot death rays at rock!

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"A group of scientists at the University of Texas at Austin have figured out how to “cloak a three-dimensional object standing in free space.” That means the object is invisible, from any angle of observation."
#science #physics #invisibility

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Bitches get stitches! The rest of the Subversive Cross Stitch pool is hilarious.

I want to make just the insidey parts of vegetable samosas. I certainly don't need the fried goodness outsidey part...just the potato, carrot, and pea mushy curry yum yums. Have I mentioned that I love potato curries? And on the topic of Indian spices, I had a delicious biryani with roasted soybeans last week which made me pick up some unsalted roasted soybeans on the way home from work yesterday. Why did I start browsing through tastespotting at this hour??? Mmmmm... curry.
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